10 Post Types to Get More Blog Comments

blog-commentsDo you strive to get more comments? There’s little doubt that comments make a blog come alive. In fact, commenting is the backbone of blogging. Without having a few comments on each blog post, your blog looks dull and lifeless. More blog comments prove that more people are listening. From my blogging experience (writing for my own blog and guest posting for others), I’ve come to know that there are certain types of blog posts that generate the most number of comments. Do you know what they are?

Here are 10 types of blog posts that will increase the number of comments on your blog. Check out whether you’re writing these posts.

#1. Controversial
A little controversy is a proven tactic to generate more comments. No matter what niche you cater to, you can always find topics where people will have varying opinions. By writing blog posts that are controversial (or debatable), you will also express your opinion, pull in more readers, educate and entertain people. However, you should always make sure you don’t hurt the feelings of others. Respecting your reader’s sentiments is always a good practice.

#2. Tutorial
Putting together a good tutorial requires time and energy. But a tutorial or how-to guide is also one of the best examples of a blog post. Writing a tutorial works because it shows your eagerness to help people. It solves people’s problems and issues. Before writing a tutorial post, you should not forget to conduct some research so that you don’t produce something that’s already been attempted by other bloggers in your niche. Also make sure you have adequate knowledge to write a tutorial. Otherwise, your effort will be wasted.

#3. Personal Experience
Blog posts that talk about someone’s (or blogger’s) personal experience are quite well accepted by readers. People are really interested to know how you coped with a specific issue. When you speak from your own experience, you’re sure to get more readers to comment on your blog and engage them quickly.

#4. Unfinished
Did you ever write a half-finished post? According to professionals, writing an incomplete blog post is an excellent idea to increase commenting. A too perfect blog post leaves no space for others to comment or share their opinions. When you write an incomplete article, it’s like asking readers to add more and complete the same. This practice creates a sense of community.

#5. Guest Posts
Publishing someone else’s posts (i.e. guest posts) on your own blog is also a good way of increasing comments. Try to find guest bloggers with solid social media presence. If you allow them to include one or two links (pointing back to their domain), they’ll be excited to write for your blog. In addition, they’ll also share those posts among their network of contacts. This strategy will not only get you more comments, but will also bring new readers for your blog.

#6. Entertaining
Try writing some humorous or funny posts now and then. Today’s hectic working schedule leaves people little time to enjoy or laugh. If your posts can bring a laugh to the reader’s belly, you’ll get more comments. However, you should remember to relate your entertaining posts to your niche in one way or another.

#7. Interviews
Start connecting with niche leaders and industry experts. Build relationships with them. Follow them on popular social networks. Finally, request them politely for an interview. Prepare a list of common questions (relating to your target audience’s issues) for them to answer.

#8. Short (and Interesting)
I strongly believe that ‘short is sexy’. Many times, a short post will generate a lot more comments than a long one. Pick a topic that attracts readers’ attention quickly and present your unique ideas in the form of a short blog post. Writing short posts also helps you keep the blog fresh when you don’t have adequate time to write detailed ones.

#9. Latest Industry Developments
Find out what’s happening right now in your niche? Try to write about latest industry developments or updates. If you keep a close watch, you’ll find a wide range of hottest stories to share with your audience. People are quick to respond to such posts. A great comment generator indeed!

#10. Announcement
Blog posts about contests, events or competitions also generate a higher number of comments. Usually, announcements are shorter. They require less time for reading, but they get readers excited. When readers are excited, they’ll automatically respond (leave more comments).

By applying these tips, you won’t only increase the number of comments on your blog but will also create variety. You’ll attract more readers. And your blog will start to grow quickly.

Do you write these types of posts on your blog? Please don’t hesitate to share your experiences and opinions.

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