10 Topic Ideas for Starting a Blog That Makes You Money

blog-ideasIf you are short of topic ideas for starting a blog, given below are some of the most profitable options you can choose from.

#1. Travel
Demographic, interests, destinations, types of travelers – You can narrow your focus as much as possible while starting a travel blog. Definitely, you can’t be an expert on everything that the travel niche includes. But you can surely discover something that you are passionate about and possess expertise in. Apart from sharing your own travel stories or experiences, you can also plan to hire a couple of travel writers to contribute useful articles to your travel blog.

#2. Health &Wellness
Undoubtedly, health is one of the most profitable ideas that you can use to start a blog. Again you have plenty of good options, as the health niche has multiple sub-niches (Yoga, mental health, healthy eating, exercise, weight loss, pregnancy etc) that you can choose to focus on. In any case, people are always in search of health and wellness tips to improve their day-to-day lives.

If you are planning to start a health blog, you can go through this wonderful resource to gather more ideas – 60 Must-Read Health & Fitness Blogs for 2012.

#3. Recipes
Starting a food and cooking blog is another excellent idea. If you love to experiment with different kinds of dishes, writing about recipes can build you a global audience pretty quickly. Well, you can talk about seasonal recipes, holiday recipes and kids recipes among others. You can also include how-to videos to make your recipes blog even more interesting and useful. MyRecipes, BettyCrocker and SimplyRecipes are some of the best sites that you can check out for ideas.

#4. Career
Choosing the right career path is not an easy decision to make. Thousands of school-leavers and college students end up choosing wrong careers. Through your career blog, you can offer useful guidance to students on completing different types of courses and obtaining degrees to build their careers.

#5. Self Improvement
Self development is one of the most sought after issues. People are always looking for practical tips on positive thinking, spiritual growth, meditation and inner peace among others. Therefore, starting a self-help blog can prove to be one of the best options to attract audience quickly and make money online. Zen Habits, Pick the Brain, Steve Pavlina and Positivity Blog are some of the most popular self improvement blogs out there.

#6. Pets
Are you a pet lover? If yes, you can plan to start a blog around on pet care. Apart from talking about or showing pictures of your own pets, you can also get in touch with other pet lovers and share their stories in your own words. In addition to that, you can also ask your online audience to submit the photos and videos of their pets. These submissions can make your blog very compelling.

#7. Photography
If you happen to be a passionate photographer, starting a photography blog can prove to be an excellent idea. With this blog, you can not only build audience online quickly but can also use it as a portfolio.

#8. Self Employment
Yet another hot topic to focus on is self-employment. Self-employed people work on their own with a lot of flexibility. In a tough economy, more and more people want to be self-employed, i.e. be their own bosses. So, you can choose to offer tips and suggestions on things like setting up, working from home, freelance work opportunities, employing others etc. People love getting self-employed, as it saves them time, offers plenty of flexibility and provides them with the opportunity of earning an unlimited income. A self-employed person truly enjoys their freedom.

#9. Website Design
Over the last few years, website design has emerged to be one of the most lucrative career opportunities. Since there’s no dearth of web design or graphics design jobs, a lot of people have turned to this occupation. The field of web design includes different areas like website design, graphics design, user experience design and search engine optimization (SEO) among others. If you plan to start a website design blog, you shouldn’t miss to check out sites like Six Revisions, Smashing Magazine and Web Designer Depot.

#10. Apps
As the usage of smart phones rapidly increases, more and more people are using apps to simplify their day-to-day tasks. There are hundreds of thousands of different apps, and counting. Considering the future potential of the apps market, it’s just the right time to start a blog on using apps.

If you have some more topics or ideas in mind that one can focus their blog on, please feel free to share them in comments.

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  1. Cat Gypsy June 4, 2015 / 4:53 am

    Thanks for this article! It’s so nice to know Ideas for Starting a Blog That Makes You Money – I do. I work so hard on my blog and my websites and get lonely and depressed that they aren’t getting the traffic I want! But, I also know (or maybe I’m just stubborn enough…haha) that you have to just keep going. Great !

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