20 Blog Mistakes You Should Be Aware of

Yikes!When you will start a new blog you will surely face some problems & also do some blunder blog mistakes like No actual set aim in blogging, Picking wrong color, wrong Design , Layout problem, etc.
To make money with blogging you should check these again and again and avoid these common mistakes. Earlier it was easy to become popular or to get traffic quickly. But now blogging is very growing section. So smart people will get traffic and exposure.
Check again and  avoid these. Besides, you can make good amount of money from blogging.

1. No actual set aim in blogging– It’s a most common mistake. Many bloggers start a blog without any real aim. It was easy for Darren Browse to become a pro blogger without having a aim from the first of blogging. Now-a-days internet world, blogging is very competitive. So you must set a goal or aim from the first
2. Write about all things, No particular Niche– There’s some benefits of a mixed blog. But it’s very hard to get a rank in Google search from mixed blog. For a new blogger Niche blog is easy to develop. Niche blog mean blog of any particular topic i.e Technology, Music, literature etc.
3. Start with a Complex blog design– It’s very very common for a new blogger. New bloggers adds different types of widget, hit counter, Calendar, and some other widget to make blog beautiful. But unfortunately it’s never works. Visitor will come to blog for reading, not for viewing widgets.
4. No idea about site color distribution or picking eye friendly color– I saw many blogger especially fashion bloggers starts blogging with very colorful blog layouts. Red, Yellow and many colors. Even I found someone writing on black background in red color. It’s become a real torture for readers. So readers always avoid this kind of site.
5. Wrong layout of blog– Choosing wrong layout mean choosing readers unfriendly layouts, something really unusual. It’s also a most common mistake.
6. Copying content from other websites– Yes. It’s also a new starter’s problem. When anyone start new blog without any past knowledge he thinks it’s very easy to earn money with blogging. Just copying and pasting. Some of my friends think like this. They often asked me from where I am copying these articles of my blog.
But you know copying is not bring any good result. Google is very hard against copying.
7. Copying images– Also a bloggers problem copying pictures without giving credit. For images for using in your blog, you can try creative commons license images freely.
8. Giving no Alt tag in images– When you add images on your blog post try to add an alt tag. It’s very important for image seo. Google images search is a very big source of traffic for blog and websites.
9. No use of Do follow and No follow tag– A new blogger generally don’t know the use of do follow and no follow tag. So it’s become very hard for him to develop his blog. When you add any high page rank authority site in your as link you can add Do follow tag. But every time you use any low quality sites link use no follow. It will save your page rank from flowing to this low quality site.
10. Generally a new bloggers don’t submit his blog’s sitemap in Google’s webmaster tool. Submitting sitemap in Google webmaster tool is very important for quick indexing and also for search ranking.
11. No use of Meta Tag and Meta Keywords– A new blogger think it’s very hard to add Meta tag in his blog. So he avoid this. But meta tag is the primary identity of your blog to Google bot. So of course it is very important.
12. Adding too many links in blog roll- It’s very bad for Google Page rank.
13. Writing post without targeting any keyword– Before writing a post set your keywords. Write post based on your keywords. Not just random writing.
14. Avoiding blog commenting– New bloggers think it is just waste of time. So he don’t comment in other blogs. Blog commenting is a really great way of link building. In freelance market place link builders work as 200 quality blog comment in 80 to 100$. Many website owners are building their blogs in this way. So blog commenting is not a waste of time. It will give you a solid backlink. Leave quality comments on Blogs, add your link on website section, not on comment. Most blog owners don’t accept link in comment.
15. Another big problem of a new blogger is he don’t stay active on forums. Forums are great source of traffic.
16. New bloggers often Neglect social media traffic.
17. New bloggers join in plenty of free blog directories and make his blog a gallery of blog directories badges.
18. New bloggers don’t use sites like yahoo answer for traffic.

For increasing traffic some new bloggers waste money for buying traffic. It’s worst.
20. Even some new bloggers buy scam SEO service and cheated badly.    


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