20 Tips for Bloggers To Enhance Productivity

blog-ideasOnce you set the expectation level with your audience, your blog’s growth and reach depends on how much work you’re willing to put in. Now here’s where the best of us fail to make the cut. We all start out with great ideas, get our blogs going and then the slump occurs. We’ve taken a look at this malaise and have put together 20 tips – no, lifesavers – that you simply, absolutely need to save your blog and keep it growing.

Get The Right Add On Tools

#1. Automate Tweets: Use a clever tool such as Buffer to schedule your Tweet posting to Twitter at graduated intervals. By spreading your story, you can avoid flooding your followers with multiple simultaneous tweets.

#2. Feed reader: Use a good feed reader such as Netvibes to stay on top of the latest happenings within specific niches.

#3. Save Interesting Reads: Use InstaPaper to save interesting pages so you can read them later and focus on your schedule for now.

#4. Automate commenting: Commenting on blogs takes up a lot of time. Use easyComment to auto fill comment forms; you can maintain multiple profiles for different blog addresses or anchor texts as well.

#5. Use an email subscription tool: A good email subscription tool lets you manage all subscription aspects as well as search for, block or delete users. It can save you a great deal of time.

Learn The Right Soft Skills

#6. Task management: Do one thing at a time; this will help you stay focused and increase productivity. Finish the thing on hand and then move on to the other. Efficient task management is important if you want to make an ideal blog.

#7. Avoid information overload: There’s only so much information you can digest at one time. So don’t go nuts subscribing to a 100 feeds and email newsletters. You need to keep abreast of what’s happening but don’t let the reading take up all your time.

#8. Do the boring stuff first: Keep your least favorite tasks on top of your to-do list. Doing something you enjoy when you’re tired is easier than slogging over boring stuff when all you want to do is hit the sack.

#9. Avoid clutter: A messy desk, messy desktop and messy folders can really creep you out subconsciously, whether you have a neatness OCD or not. Clean up and note the change that occurs instantly. You’ll definitely enhance your blogging experience.

#10. Take breaks: The brain gets tired after a certain amount of exposure to computer activity. Take a break now and then. You might think getting off your blog and chatting with pals online is taking a break, but your brain doesn’t think so. If you want to make the most of blogging, one of the most important tips is to relax a little as well.

#11. Set work timeframes: Put aside all other obligations and set aside a specific amount of time only for blogging. Divide this time into 1 hour time-frames, interspersed with breaks. The one hour you set yourself is for hard core work with no distractions – don’t deviate from that policy.

#12. Create a blogging schedule: Create a publishing schedule that works for you, based on audience expectation, blog niche and type. Make this a weekly or monthly schedule and set appointments with yourself for various tasks along with reminders to make sure you stick to it.

#13. Create a daily blogging routine: Doing this will help condition you to put in a certain amount of work every day. Be kind to yourself and factor in holidays and family days as well.

#14. Time your work: If your time-frame is 1 hour, set your timer to beep every 15 minutes so you know exactly how much time you have left. You will soon be pushing yourself to finish in less time and get more done.

#15. Cut those distractions: Shut off all notifications – emails, tweets and Facebook updates. Work in a quiet environment. Close your browser, email software and most importantly, turn your phone off.

#16. Keep a large jug of water on your desk: Water keeps you hydrated and productive. Keeping a large jug on your desk prevents having to go to the kitchen several times during your time-frame.

#17. Avoid sensory overload: The combination of street noises, lights and music on your headphones makes your brainwaves operate at various frequencies to cope. Shut the window, turn off the music and focus only on your writing. A smart blogging tip indeed!

#18. Set time to build relationships: The right relationships with other bloggers can result in getting backlinks from great sites, knowledge sharing and joint ventures. Be sure to assign time for this activity.

#19. Check stats just once a day: Stats are all important to a blogger but watch out if you’re developing an OCD with stats. Check them just once a day – that should be enough.

#20. Use a different desktop profile: Create a new desktop user with only work privileges and use it while blogging. Disable chat softwares, email, RSS feeds and other distracting apps for this user.

What tips are you using to enhance your blogging experience? Please feel free to share your views in the comment section below.

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