3 Unique Ways Reuse Old Articles to Triple Your Backlinks

Welcome to the Playing Field

After all this time that we’ve spent in SEO-related fields, we all have learned how important link-building is to SEO efforts. After all this time, we have all also discovered, no doubt, that one of the best ways to get an easy backlink is to submit an article to a high-quality and high-PR article directories like Hubpages, Guest Posts or Buzzle, an almost perfect situation.


The only problem with article writing, however, is that it’s so time consuming. For every article you write, you have to dedicate not only the time to write the article, but account creation at article directories, spinning of the article and submission to the myriad article directories you created accounts at. After that, that well-written article you put your time into just sits on your desktop or your article folder, gathering dust, useless for the rest of time.

It doesn’t have to be so! With a little bit of technology, you can bring that article back to life and get EVEN MORE backlinks out of it. If article is in text format, but could easily be turned into audio and video. The audio and video could then be submitted to podcast directories and video websites, many of which offer followed backlinks in their description or profile pages.

Turn it Into Audio

My favorite text-to-audio program is called Ivona text-to-speech. This is a simple text reader that offers English text to audio conversion with male or female output in an American or British accent.

Turn it into Video

Now that you’ve gotten your audio file, you can move along to the next step of squeezing more links out of your content-turning it into video. You already have an audio track to go with your video, so all you need is something for the background. You can use a screenshot of your article, the text of your article, a screenshot of your website/blog, or even just cycle through a few relevant pictures.

This kind of video is super easy to make and you can even accomplish it with something as simple as Windows Movie Maker. With your newly created ‘video’, you’ve turned your article into another media form that can be distributed, so get distributing! Submit it to all the major video hosting sites like youtube and metacafe. Make sure you insert watermarks of your website’s URL at strategic locations in the video to improve site visibility There are also a select few video hosting directories that offer followed links with anchor text in in the description, like Viddler. Keep an eye out for these especially, as your video can pick up more than just traffic on these sites, but a valuable backlink to boot!

Turn it into ‘Software’

One last step to ensure you’re tripling your articles for mass efficiency and effect is an easy PAD file creation. PAD stands for Portable Application Description and to make a PAD file, you’re basically going to be creating an executable file (with a .exe extension) but instead of having a program to run inside it, you’ll just have .pdf file with your articles. You can create a ’software’ file of a few of your articles bundled together into a .pdf and submit them to software directories like download.com as PADs with a PAD Creator, (that’s a link to a decent free one). This is another way to turn your old articles into more backlinks and traffic without having to go through the trouble of writing new content.

In the real world, recycling is good. Re-using products cuts down on the strain to the system. The same applies to web marketing. By re-using and recycling your old articles, you are cutting down on the strain on YOU, allowing you to turn your energies towards fresh projects while your are eking every last drop of power continuously out of the archive resources that you already have.

Please find below some of the TTS ( Text to speech) Software’s available online.

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