5 Blogging Don’ts You May Not Have Known Yet

blogging-dontsBlogs happen to be one of the most powerful social media tools that you can use to attract lots of traffic, introduce your products to an audience, create an online community of followers (or brand advocates) and showcase your expertise to the world among others. All these benefits will come to you only when you adopt the right approach towards blogging and avoid the pitfalls.

Though you might have read multiple articles on blogging mistakes, given below are five that you may not have known yet.

#1. Don’t Be a Whiner
Whether it’s in your personal or professional life, no body likes to see a whiner around. If you keep on complaining about things, you will do nothing more than irritating your blog readers. Don’t try to compare someone else’s work with yours, only in order to prove yourself better or the best (that’s ranting).Most of the time, it’s the mindset that decides whether you’ll win or lose the game. Instead of complaining about a problem, you should try to find solutions to make people’s life easier. This is the mindset that distinguishes a loser (or a whiner) from a winner.

#2. Don’t Look at Blogging as a Pastime
Unless you’re a hobbyist, you should never plan to blog in your spare time. If you really plan to make some money or establish a small business, you should never look at blogging as a hobby that you can pursue in your free time. When you adopt that ‘pastime’ approach, you can easily miss your blog posting schedule.

Blogging is a skill that must be honed with the passage of time. If you thought you could blog in your free time, you will never be able to make a cut. Not pursuing a pastime for a few days or weeks won’t do you much harm. However, any gap in your blogging schedule can reflect seriously on your reputation. And blog visitors are very fickle.

#3. Don’t Hesitate to Link Out
Linking out to authority websites or blogs can pay great dividends. Apart from attracting other people’s attention from the blogosphere and helping you build genuine relationships in the industry, external linking also increases your overall SE score. Search engines love relevant linking (even when it’s outbound), because it’s all about usability.

You should link out to other sites, because –

It makes your own blog a valuable resource
Search engines reward such blogging behavior/ practices
It makes you an active participant of the web’s natural linking environment
Linking out attracts inbound linking for your blog

With so many great benefits, you can never say no to ‘linking out’, can you?

#4. Don’t Ever Start 2-3 Blogs at a Time
That’s the biggest mistake desperate bloggers can easily make. If you’re just stepping into the world of blogging, you should test the waters with just one, and no more. It’s near impossible to maintain or publish quality content on 2-3 blogs at a time. And if you update only one blog, you can easily ruin your professional image (if readers follow links, from your profile, to other blogs).

#5. Don’t Treat Readers as a Commodity
As a passionate blogger, you should never look at people as a commodity. Yes, many bloggers carry the same mindset, which can send their blog straight to hell. Try to treat your readers as your best friends. Once you are able to make these friends happy and boost the relationship further, they will soon become your fans and advocates of your brand. And they’ll be eager to lift you up.

If you don’t have several years of blogging experience under the belt, it’s advisable to follow the above mentioned guidelines, so that you can avoid the biggest mistakes and keep your professional image intact.

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