5 Key SEO Tips to Enhance Your Blog Design

blogpost-seoIn order to build a potential online presence, blog designs should be created abiding by the key SEO guidelines. Blogs, which are not search engine friendly, will not achieve long-term success. In order to beat out the competition for ranking higher, web designers should always apply tips to make websites grab the attention of search engines.

If you are struggling to enhance your blog design for SEO, given below are some of the most useful tips you can consider.

#1. Externalize Scripts
While coding websites in JavaScript or CSS, designers should always remember to externalize the scripts. If scripts are included in the HTML document, it will cause the website to load slowly for the simple reason that search engines will have a hard time crawling the same.

The best idea is to place the scripts at the bottom of the page. This will help search engines easily crawl the website and load it faster.

#2. Block Pages that Don’t Add Value to Content
A website may have many pages that you will not want search engines to crawl and index. To enhance your SEO benefits, you need to block such pages. Server side scripts are one example, which a web designer will not want to get indexed. A best option for blocking such pages (from search engines) is by using robots.txt file.

#3. Use Unique Meta Tags for Each Page
One of the most common SEO mistakes most of the web designers make is that they forget to change the meta tags for different pages on a website. If you want to improve the SEO of your web design, you should always remember to use unique meta tags for each web page on a site. Remember, every single web page is a salesperson in its own right.

#4. Make Appropriate Use of Heading Tags
While designing a website, designers should never forget to make use of heading tags appropriately. Properly used heading tags on web pages make it easy for search engines to comprehend the structure of the HTML document. Designer should stay away from using a single heading tag multiple times.

#5. Abide by W3C Standards
If you don’t want search engines to scratch their head every time they crawl your website, you should remember to abide by the W3C standards. Following these guidelines will help web designers to create clean code for their websites, which further enhances the SEO.

Today, web designers should prepare themselves to design search engine friendly websites. Consider the above mentioned SEO tips while you create a design, so that the website can be easily found on search engines. There’s stiff competition for achieving higher rankings in search engines. Web designers should understand their responsibility rather than just creating a design which is only visually appealing but is never found by people.

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