5 Step checklist to start a blog

Money-Through-BloggingBlogging has its good, bad and ugly. It is only when you start a blog the right way and follow a well-planned strategy that you can expect to leave the competition behind and make your blogging efforts bear fruit.

Most of the beginners find the options quite overwhelming while planning to get started with a blog. Don’t worry. Given below is a five-step plan that you can use to create a perfect checklist to success

Know the Purpose

If you take blogging really seriously, you will never want to start a blog which is devoid of any purpose.

Through your blog, you may want to –

  • Entertain people
  • Establish your expertise
  • Build an online community
  • Generate leads or enquiries
  • Create awareness about a brand or product
  • Make money online

There can be multiple other purposes that you’ll want to fulfill. So, don’t get started unless you know the purpose of your blog.

Get a Firm Foundation

To start your blog the right way, you should –

  • Choose the right niche market
  • Book a short and easy-to-remember domain name
  • Get a reliable web-hosting account
  • Install flexible blogging software
  • Pick an impressive blog theme

If you are really serious about starting a blog which makes you money, it is advisable to avoid setting up a free blog. A free blog doesn’t give you total control of what you actually want to do with it. So, get the foundation right.

 Plan the Content Strategy

An effective content strategy will include –

  • Publishing of fresh content (blog posts, pages, video, audio)
  • Categorization of content
  • Direction of future content
  • Frequency of posting
  • Topic prominence
  • External and internal linking
  • Policy for commenting, feedback, discussion

It’s just impossible to strike the right chord with the target audience, if you start your blog without having a content action plan in place.


In order to promote the content on your blog and attract traffic, you will need to focus on the following.

  • Link building
  • Public relations
  • Social media promotion [Digg, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Delicious]
  • Email marketing
  • Guest blogging

Once you start promoting your blog’s content, you will discover many other ways to drive more traffic. You should be ready to experiment with new ways so that you know what really works for your blog and what doesn’t.

I really hope that the above mentioned 5-step checklist helps you get started with your blogging journey successfully. If you have other important views on the topic, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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