5 Types of Guest Posts That You Should ‘NEVER’ Accept

Guest-PostGuest posts have gained wide popularity because they build a brand, attract backlinks and showcase one’s expertise. I agree that guest blogging is one of the most effective online marketing tools. But every offer that you get may not be legit. Now that link exchange is a major issue with Google, SEOs are using guest blogging as a tool to build links. That’s exactly why guest-posting is fast becoming a new form of SEO or web spam.

Though guest articles add variety to your blog, they can also easily get you into trouble. There are some guidelines and tips that you should, therefore, abide by while accepting or publishing guest posts.

Given below are five of the most important ones.

#1. Off-Topic
Would you like to see a finance story on a travel blog? Of course, not! Though guest posting brings variety to a blog, it should never go off topics. As a blog owner, you should always focus on those guest articles that provide only niche-relevant information to readers. In fact, the best idea would be to provide the guest authors with a list of categories that you want to cover on your blog. Even if you’re paid for a guest post, you should make sure it’s not something that won’t go too well with the readers of your niche.

#2. Self-Promotional
Many times, I receive guest posts that try to promote a specific product, a company or a service. Readers come to your blog because they are looking for some useful pieces of information, available at no cost. If you start publishing self-promotional posts, you have all the chances of annoying the readers. Worse still, they might just abandon your blog.

Yes, today’s readers are pretty smarter. As soon as they start seeing self-promoting guest posts on your blog, they’ll know you’re paid. This issue is even more important when you’re yet to build the presence of your blog.

Don’t lose the trust of your readers even before you gain it.

#3. Copied
After Google rolled out its Panda updates, it became quite clear that duplicate or copied content will not help you anymore. Today, you may face a search penalty because of having copied content on your blog. Even if the amount of copied content is not considerable, it might impact the entire site. I must admit that I receive several guest posts that are either copied or a slightly modified version of the original version. I feel happy to get such types of guest posts deleted as soon as possible. Be careful to screen a guest article really well before you decide to make it go live.

Use these tools to check duplicate or copied content –

Similar Page Checker

Never let duplicate content ruin the reputation and the search engine rankings of your blog. Act before it’s too late!

#4. Grammatically Wrong
Poor sentence construction or wrong grammar doesn’t only disappoint readers, but it also affects your search engine rankings. If a blog post has poor grammar, spelling mistakes or other language errors, Google will know that it’s hastily produced or not appropriately edited. Even if the post shares some unique tips or raises some important points, poor English will make it low quality.

If you’re short of time, you should consider hiring a blog writer or editor to look after such issues. Though editing takes time, well-written posts will quickly set your blog apart.

#5. Abusive or Offensive
Guest blogging is not something that you should take lightly. Though many guest authors would feel free to express their opinions in any way, it’s your blog whose credibility is in question. Make sure every submitted guest post passes through a strict review before it goes live. Filter out everything that you think is abusive or offensive for readers.

There’s one more step that you can take in this regard. You can add a disclaimer at the end of each guest post on your blog saying something like this – ‘Opinions expressed in this post are entirely those of the guest author, and not necessarily of XYZ”. It will keep you safe in many ways.

Do you have some more tips or suggestions in mind? Please don’t hesitate to talk back in comments.

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