7 Tips to Create ‘Evergreen’ Blog Content


Do you know what makes up evergreen content?

When a piece of blog content continues to provide value season after season and never gets outdated, it becomes evergreen. The best part about evergreen or everlasting content is that it typically ranks at the top of search results. That’s why, it’s a major source of getting tons of traffic and generating leads continuously for a business. Evergreen content has the potential of going viral within minutes of publishing.

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If you think you really need to create blog content with everlasting potential, given below are seven tips that you can follow.

#1. Think of What’s Important to the Audience
While creating everlasting content, your mind should always remain focused on what is important to your target audience. It’s not about you or your company that will make up evergreen content. It’s actually about the issues that your niche readers are struggling with. That means you need to take a microscopic look at the day-to-day problems of your audience and offer material that they can use for several years in a row.

#2. Learn to Curate Content
Curated content is one of the best examples of evergreen content. If you know how to curate content really well, you can use this technique to produce content that provides ongoing value to niche readers. The internet features a good mount of content from niche experts and industry professionals.

#3. Make it Unique
Re-using or re-posting some of the extremely popular content from across the web is not a good idea as far as creating everlasting content is concerned. In order to compel more and more people to like your content and share it with their friends in large numbers, you must always try to be unique. Unless your content is written in an interesting light, there’s always the risk of getting lost in the crowd.

#4. Pay Careful Attention to Quality
It’s not the number of words that make your blog content ‘timeless’. Many people have a misconception that an evergreen piece of content should contain thousands of words. Don’t make the mistake of writing 1000, 1500 or 2000 words thinking it would make your content everlasting. It’s only the highest level of quality that will make your content evergreen. Period.

#5. Have a Narrow Focus
Going after very broad topics is not a good idea when you want to create content that lives the life of your blog. The best idea is to look for topics that have a very narrow focus or address an incredibly specific group. The narrower your focus is, the more in-depth content you can create.

#6. Optimize for Search
Appropriate search engine optimization can take your evergreen content a long way. Whether it’s the the URL structure, title of the blog post or the content body, you need to pay careful attention to each of the elements that play a significant role in increasing search engine visibility. Therefore, don’t forget to do some extensive keyword research before you start to write.

#7. Don’t Ignore Minor Tweaks
Though evergreen content doesn’t require any major update, they may need some minor tweaks here and there as time passes. These minor tweaks won’t take much of your time, but they will do a great job to make your blog content remain timeless year after year.

Do you have evergreen content on your blog? Let’s talk back in comments.

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