8 Qualities of a Viral Blog Post

Successful-BlogA blog post being read and shared by thousands of people is like a dream come true for every blogger. Anybody that’s serious about blogging, wants their blog posts to go viral. But creating viral posts is a lot more than just good writing or day-to-day blogging.

It’s about producing content that’s highly liked by the target audience and gets shared exponentially. It’s about writing on a topic that’s yet to be explored. It’s about sharing your ideas on an important issue faced by your niche readers. It’s about helping your audience genuinely.

Every viral blog post has some unique qualities that make it stand out in a particular niche. No matter what niche you cater to or what stage of blogging you are at, knowing these essential qualities can quickly help you craft a blog post that goes viral within minutes.

Here are eight of them:

#1. Trending Topic
A lot has been written about using Facebook and Twitter for online marketing. You’ll have little or no chances of creating viral posts by covering these topics unless you’re truly an expert and talk about something that’s unique. The best idea is to pick a topic that’s trending (i.e. happening).

‘Pinterest’ can be a good example. A Pinterest topic will carry more viral potential right now than a Twitter or Facebook post. It’s because Pinterest is a newly rolled out social media platform. It’s yet to be explored fully by bloggers and online marketers.

You can do a good job with a Google+ topic as well.

Whenever you want to write a viral blog post, you shouldn’t forget to conduct some research in your blogging niche and find a couple of trending topics to cover. Write about something that’s happening right now!

#2. Catchy Title
Once you’ve chosen a topic that you would like to write on, it’s next time to think of an attractive (read highly click-able) title for the post. The title has to play a vital role in making a blog post go viral. By crafting killer headlines, you’ll tickle the curiosity of your readers compelling them to click and know more about the topic.

While writing the title, do one of these –

Sound scary
Reveal secrets
Bust a myth

Can you think of more?

#3. Engaging Introduction
The introduction of a blog post is where you invite the reader in. A good intro does a great job by making the reader feel at home and letting them know that their requirements will be fulfilled. That’s why an engaging introduction is one of the most important qualities of a viral post.

“You may think that it’s common knowledge how to write a good introduction, but about 60% of all guest posts that land on my desk lack an introduction. It’s not a difficult skill to learn; it just takes practice”, says Mary Jaksch, the Chief Editor of Write to Done.

#4. Attractive Presentation
Presentation skills do matter when you want to increase the viral potential of a blog post. It’s not just the quality of content that will make readers share your post in thousands. It also about how attractively and neatly you present the content to the reader so they are ‘hooked’.

A couple of tips to increase scannability –

Clear headings and subheadings
Numbered lists
Bold and italics (don’t overdo it)
Relevant linking (internal or external)
Short paragraphs
High quality and relevant images

Therefore, make sure the post that you create is easy-to-scan and looks good to the eye.

#5. Problem Solving
Blog posts that go viral in minutes accomplish one thing – they solve a specific problem. Interact with your target audience and try to identify those issues that are vital to them. Find out problems that they are unable to deal with. And use your blog posts to provide easy solutions.

#6. A Bit of Humor
It’s also a good technique to insert a bit of humor here and there in your blog post. Though incorporating humor does a good job to increase the viral potential of content, it should be used with care. If it’s something offensive or risky, it may harm the reputation of your company or business.

#7. Correct Timing
If you’re running a blog for quite some time, you must have noticed the differences in traffic and social media consumption at different times of the day and different days of the week. That’s why the publishing time plays an important role in making a blog post viral.

These are the best times for maximum social sharing –

Best time: Between 9 am and 10 am (EST)
Best Days of the Week: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Publishing a blog post at the above mentioned times will help you get most social media sharing, generate tons of comments and attract the maximum number of people for reading.

For more details, you can have a look at this KISSmetrics infographic that sheds more light on the science of social timing.

#8. Good Finish
The finish is as important as the start of the post. While writing a post that you want to go viral, you should pay careful attention to the end as well. A good finish is that which sumps up your key message and compels readers to take some action. It should get people talking. It should encourage more sharing. It should also increase the number of comments.

What other qualities you think a viral blog post carries? Please feel free to share more tips and ideas.

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