Applying for Adsense – How to Avoid Rejection

If you want to make money online you will need to sign up for Google’s advertising program Adsense. This is definitely not the only way to make money online but it is a proven earner and can add up quickly.

Advertisers bid against each other for keywords to have their ads displayed on relevant pages found by the search engine. Each time someone clicks on an ad, the advertiser is charged a fee by google. Google keeps most but passes on a percentage (undisclosed) to the owner of the site the ad was placed on. This is how you earn money from Google ads. The more competition a keyword has the higher it pays – but there is also more competition amongst publishers to host the ads. It is extremely difficult to get your page found on high paying topics due to the sheer volume of competing sites.

There is no point applying for adsense until you have developed a reasonable amount of content online to back your application. It appears that one advantage of start your own blog DOES have is that it is viewed favorably in adsense applications. Even if you are starting to write elsewhere, it would be a good idea to sign up for a blogger  account and add to this with a regularly updated blog.
READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE (TOS) ! Google adsense has strict rules on what type of sites are acceptable for hosting ads. Other acts like clicking on your own ads will see you banned immediately. You are allowed only one adsense account per person so use it wisely. Google isn’t new at this – they have very clever ways of catching anyone trying to play the system.
Recently, Google has been applying a different set of rules for certain geographical locations. Indian nationals are being told to wait for 6 months from starting their online writing before applying for adsense. Applications before then will be rejected and instructed to wait longer. This is likely due to the very large number of applications received from India and a way of approving only those who are going to stick with it. Many people give up when they do not become a millionaire overnight.
So to summarize:

1) Publish a good amount of work before applying.
2) Publish in multiple locations – Use free sites like
3) Start a free blog at and write at least 10 posts over 10 days.
4) If you are from India, do a quick search to see if adsense policy has changed. If not, make the most of your 6 months and write as much as possible. Remember that once you are approved you can monetize all of the writing you have done so far, so the more the better.
If you are rejected, google usually provides a reason so act on the feedback on ALL of your writing then apply again in a month or so.
The only way to deal with google is to do everything by the book.

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