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backlinks-faqsBacklinks FAQ’s For Newbies

I am writing this article especially the newbies as a help to them for understanding back links better. Here I am not going to brag about the importance of backlinks as most of you are already aware of their value and the ones who are unaware of this fact will soon find it. In forums, I continuously see people asking basic questions about backlinks, and I am writing this blog to answer the commonly arisen questions.

Now. the FAQs!!!

What are Nofollow Backlinks?

NOFOLLOW links are the hyperlinks that contain rel=”nofollow” tag in them. This tag is for the search engine spiders telling them not to follow the given link and thus it is not counted as a backlink towards your website or webpage. But according to some bloggers with high reputation, a few thousand NOFOLLOW backlinks have helped them with their search engine rankings.

So, the bottom line is that getting a NOFOLLOW link is a waste of time, but if you can not get non-NOFOLLOW links, then get NOFOLLOWs.

What are Dofollow Backlinks

As opposed to NOFOLLOW, the DOFOLLOW backlinks are crawled by search engine spiders and have a much higher SEO value.

How do I find out if links on a page are DOFOLLOW or NOFOLLOW?

This is simple:

1. View page source by right clicking on a page.

2. See if the hyperlinks there contain rel=”nofollow”.

3. If hyperlinks have the above mentioned tag, then they are NOFOLLOW, otherwise they are DOFOLLOW.

What should I do if I can’t get Do follows?

As mentioned above, get NOFOLLOWs. Although very little, but they have some link value.

Which ones are the best backlinks?

The ones from a page related to the content of your page. The ones from the pages that have same meta tags and keyword as your page.

How do I get backlinks easily?

To find out some ways of getting backlinks easily, read my article on getting backlinks here: How to get Backlinks.

What is anchor text?

The words you use for the backlink. in below example the anchor text is: “How to Start a Blog” and it’s linked to some url pointing to your website.

For example: How to start a blog in easy way

What is preferred anchor text?

You must use the keywords you are trying to rank for in your anchor text. So, instead of using “my hub” or “my website” as an anchor text, use your keywords, like – Create your own blog

Should I use multiple anchor text while getting backlinks?

Yes, you should. Google don’t have enough stall to analyze web pages manually and rank them. Thus they rely on their algorithm for this purpose. So having the same anchor text every time you get a backlink might trigger the spam filter because the search engines might think that the person is using an automated system to get backlinks.

Will I be penalized if my site or blog has backlinks from adult websites?

No, you won’t be penalized as you have no control over who links to your website, blog or website. I am sure Google won’t give you the benefit of these backlinks. Also better to get backlinks only from the sites which is related to your niche.

What is the Importance of Backlinks from Ezine Articles?

The Ezine articles directory, which is commonly known as EZA, is a place where you submit articles for your promotion and getting backlinks. This is what most of the newbies were doing to get backlinks easily via these directories, I don’t recommend it for long term SEO, so stay away from building easily available backlinks, sold on forums or other cheap SEO agencies.

What about link directories? Do they have any value left?

Generally link directories have lost their importance for backlinks as they do not add content to the web and are made solely for backlinks. However, a few quality link directories that include only the quality websites in their directory still have good amount of SEO value like Dmoz and yahoo directory.

Some of my recommended Building back links strategies is to built the backlinks naturally by providing quality content via Infographics, videos, audio files, interactive images, social sites, guest posts to your visitors on regular basis, which will go viral and will be shared.

These were the answers to some basic questions I thought would arise in your minds regarding backlinks. If you need to know anything else about the topic, please ask me by commenting below.


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