Benefits of Making and Running Your Own Blog


Success definitely means different things for different people, and bloggers are no different than the masses when it comes to measuring success. But success is something we all want, and wanting your own blog to be successful is not something new. But being the proud owner of a successful blog is rarely achieved as there are numerous hurdles on the path of success for the average blogger. When in doubt, consult the experts! So let us begin our journey to a successful blog by exploring other successful blogs and learning valuable tips and tricks from these expert bloggers.

Some bloggers will consider a blog to be successful only if it is making cartloads of money. Other bloggers consider a blog to be successful if it has a huge fan following. Some others will consider a blog to be successful only if the blog owner is famous and is being mentioned in all the high profile social media networks and groups. Well if you ask me, I would consider a blog to be successful if it qualifies for each of the above criteria; nothing more and nothing less!  Benefits of Making and Running Your Own Blog.

Blogs started out being people’s creative outlets – a way to use their personal journals and take them online to be seen by the World Wide Web. They were seen as a way to build small communities between like-minded people.

As these personal blogs started to evolve, the art of professional blogging took root and entrepreneurs discovered they could wield the power of a blog for their financial benefit.  Professional blogging is more than just providing insight into your world and ranting about what bugs you.

Professional bloggers use them as their online marketing vein. Blogs are an excellent way to provide information about your niche, which can translate into more sales for the products you want to promote, whether your own or those for which you’re an affiliate.

People can read information about areas where they’re seeking information or a solution and in addition to getting advice from a peer, they’re provided with link access to websites where they can find the whole solutions they’ve been looking for.

As a blogger, you have the option of funneling blog traffic to your own domain or using a blog as your home base. 

Online entrepreneurs often launch their start-up via a free blog site so that they can begin earning money to invest back into their business. Once you use my step by step guide to create your blog and start using the blog actively, you will enjoy such benefits as:

a). Increased Income
Before I created my first blog, I was really in a bad place – financially speaking. My aim was to find a way to make several hundred dollars every month to change my situation. Therefore, I went online, learned about websites and blogs and decided to give it a shot.

However, I encountered a couple of problems at first. Still, I did not let this put me down. After a couple of weeks of research, I discovered that the only way to make a good income in the blogging industry would be by doing it right. Back then, it cost around $400-500 to setup a blog. I was scared of investing this sum in something I was not sure of because I had never spent so much money before to start something I was not sure about.

At the last minute, I just threw caution to the wind and spend the money. If it didn’t work out, I would find another way to make money. Imagine my surprise when my blogs started making the few hundreds of dollars I had envisioned (and much more)! Actually, after about a two years, I quit my regular job and concentrated on blogging only.

b). Contacts
I never thought that blogging would put me in the limelight. However, I am pleased to say that now I have more friends who think along my frequency in the blogging industry. Not surprisingly, I made these friends and industry contacts through blogging.

c) Professional Resume
My blogs bring in enough income to last me a couple of years – and I am sure I’ll make even more money in the future. Therefore, I no longer really need to get a job for financial security. However, I have to admit that blogging has really padded my resume in more ways than I can begin to describe. To this end, if you are planning to get a job now or in the future, then you can be sure that blogging will help you in that.

Once you learn how to set up a blog, run one and make money blogging, you will be in a better position to get a job than your peers who lack these skills. Having a blog will help future employers see that you are passionate about something. It will also prove that you haven’t been idling around waiting for your dream job.

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