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Finding the best wordpress hosting site for your blog can be complicated at the best of times.  With almost endless options and offers all asking for your hard earned cash it can be impossible for Joe Blogs (excuse the pun!) to sort the fact from the chaff. The best way to find that all elusive host is to take the process one step at a time.

While there are lot of blog hosts out there offering blog hosting or WordPress hosting, you need to be careful picking a good, reputable, and reliable one. Of course the hosting plan needs to be affordable, but the price sometimes is not the only factor you need to consider. It is the quality of service that counts if you want your site or blog to stay up and running without any downtime.

Lot of mom and pop hosts will promise you 99.99% uptime with unlimited traffic or bandwidth. But you need to know that most of those hosts are frauds and will block your site if it exceeds certain amount of bandwidth.

Word Press Basics

WordPress is an open source software platform which is frequently used for blogs. It includes many features which allows for easy customization, numerous widgets and templates. It’s perfect for those who want more customization than provided on other blog platforms such as

There are two main options with WordPress. You can set up your own blog on their server – – or you can download the Word Press application from and host it on your own web server. It’s when you choose this second option that you want to be careful about which web host you choose.

Minimum Requirements for Word Press

There are three requirements for Word Press to work:

  • PHP 4.3 or greater
  • MySQL 4.0 or greater
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module

As WordPress is so well known, many hosts will automatically install it on your account, or at least state whether or not they are compatible. However, even though many are compatible, some are better than others.

What do you Need

Nearly all hosting solutions give you some type of blogging support and some even support programs like WordPress from the 1 Click Installation so it is easy for somebody with little or no experience to get up and running with their blog in a matter of minutes.  You have to also consider whether you need all the bells and whistles that are being offered if all you intend to have is your blog.  If you do intend to create anything other than a blog then you need to consider these in your planning needs.


Free sites can be particularly tempting to the uninitiated or those of us who are loathe to put our credit card details ‘online’ but can be great if your just hosting some family pictures.  If your blog is going to be used in any kind of professional capacity then you need to consider all the factors.  Dedicated servers will be substantially higher then a simple budget site with a standard amount of bandwidth.  Cost should not be the determining factor when choosing your host until you have a shortlist of around 4 or 5 companies.

Uptime and Speed

Any company that doesn’t offer at least a 99% guaranteed uptime shouldn’t make it to your shortlist and if they offer this then you should then spend some time checking out how quickly your visitors can access your site. Do some testing at GTMetrix. Make sure you have 30 days money back guarantee, so in case you’re not happy with your uptime and speed you can ask for the refund/

Bandwidth and Space

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your outlook) blogs can quickly grow in size and popularity and you can quickly outgrow your budget special of 100megabytes of space and 1Gigabyte of bandwidth per month.  Additional usage outside of these limits is usually charged at a premium and you should be aware of what these costs are before signing up for any deal.  Most hosts will give you a statistics page which will show you all your usages and you can normally head off any unknown problems before they arise. 

Now a days most of the companies were providing Unlimited Space and Bandwidth.

Technical Support

When you run into a problem it is especially important to be able to contact the company when you need help.  A lot of hosts repute to have 24/7 365 days and year support however if your based in the UK and your host is US based you may find calling or emailing out of normal business hours means a delayed response.  A spot check email or call at random times can really sort the men from the boys!

So – what is the best WordPress hosting?

While it is possible to run a WordPress blog on virtually any webhosts offering PHP and MYSQL database connection, it is lot easier to run a WordPress blog with a host that offers 1click auto install.

For those in the market for a fast reliable, cheap, 1 click WordPress installation with best support host, go with Domain registration is free for 1 year and blog hosting is very easy and cheap with them. Make sure if you purchase blog hosting for wordpress, that you also buy a domain name that goes with it. It’s just less of a hassle and that’s something saves you.

Not everyone is technically knowledgeable or familiar with PHP or MYSQL database. Therefore it is lot easier to run a WordPress blog with a host where you don’t have to do manual setup of your database, create admin username/password for WordPress admin panel. With Bluehost, you can run a WordPress auto install with just few clicks and you are ready to run your WordPress blog.

To know more about before selecting best wordpress hosting please check my another details review here –

Find a WordPress Web Hosting

I hope this guide is helpful to you when finding a best host for your blog

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