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In a wordpress system, the presentation, interaction and management of the content is done by the wordpress theme. The wordpress theme is basically many files of code that control how the content is presented and how the user interacts and navigates through the content. There are many readymade free wordpress themes and quite a few premium wordpress themes that you can plug in. But due to the popularity of WordPress, these themes are often very common and your site could be one among herds of other sites sporting the same theme.

Is this the only reason why you shouldn’t be using unmodified wordpress themes? It is certainly a big reason but there are more reasons too. Here’s a list of 15 reasons that should be enough to convince you to always modify wordpress themes before using them.

1. It’s a lot of fun!
There are a number of reasons to customize your themes. But the first one is that this can be a lot of fun. Depending upon your needs you can let your imagination go wild. There are no boundaries like the pre-defined themes impose on you. So just experiment and make a statement.

2. It’s fast and easy!
Even if you are a wordpress newbie you will soon realize that you can learn the tips and tricks fast. Once you get the hang of the stuff, its easy to mould your WordPress theme as you wish and create something attuned to your needs. It’s so fast and so easy that we actually and practically modified free wordpress themes in 2 to 5 minutes.

3. Its cool
You will realize as soon as you start sporting a new and unique theme there is an added interest in your site. The visitors would notice your efforts and keep coming again. Not just this, once you learn how to do it, you can always surprise your visitors with many changes always ensuring their interest is unwavering.

4. Show that you are dedicated
Using a predefined theme as it is just conveys you are either not serious about your site or are too lazy to do anything about it. Today’s viewer is alert and wants the best. Customizations make your readers and customers feel that you care to present everything in the best manner.

5. Be different be unique!
A separate identity can be everything in the Internet. A user goes through a lot of websites and blogs everyday and you need to make a lasting impression so that the viewer comes back. WordPress themes are freely on the internet and your template might be utilized by other people as well. Thus, customization makes the look of your blog and site unique and different from others.

6. What suits your style and business!
You cannot expect a predefined theme to know what you need. For example the existing themes might not have the color scheme of your brand. Or it might not have been designed to sell things using ecommerce and shopping carts.

7. Of Menu bars and Headers!
If you decide to customize your theme, you can create wonders in the form of exciting headers and play with a plethora of menu bar options. These include the placement of menu bar, what options to include, the navigation style and many others.

8. Customize Page 404
Page 404 is the page that is shown by web servers when someone reaches a web address that is no longer in use. Although you may not realize this, but you 404 page can be visited quite frequently, depending how much you move things around. The usual 404 page is a generic message that informs the reader that the url does not exist. But you can be more creative and write our own 404 page in a style that adds value to the readers and enhances your own brand. Here are some examples of some creative 404 pages so that you may understand what I am tying to say:

9. Browser friendly
Another significant reason for making changes in WordPress theme is to make it compatible for different existing browsers including MS Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

10. Rank up your site!
From the SEO point of view, it is necessary to make changes in Meta tags, headings, alt tags and other similar ingredients to prepare an attractive dish for the search engine spiders. A predefined theme may not give you this option.

11. Style according to your fancy!
You no longer have to be confined with the fonts, color schemes and other format boundaries of your WordPress theme. When you decide to customize your theme, you can also play with different kind of styles. This might include text wrapping, text aligning, font size and other similar styles.

12. Grab visitor attention
If you are using a predefined theme as it is you will see how the presentation of content is mundane and boring. The main idea of a site is to enforce your visitors to pay attention to the content posted on the blog. Customizing can help you to achieve this.

13. Advertise as you please!
This is one freedom that will go a long way. You need not have big banner advertisements or small texts floating around your site. Choose the ways your advertisements will appear on your WordPress theme and align it according to your priorities.

14. Navigation at your finger tips!
Easy navigation controls and interconnection of various web pages of the blog is also required to be corrected according to your will.

15. Add sound and music (and video of course)
It’s a multimedia world as can be seen from the soaring popularity of podcasts and youtube. You need to be able to deliver much more than just text and images. Very often, you need to tweak your theme to be able to do that.

So gear up and create a new look for your site that is original and attractive. Your theme is your identity, tweak it till it truly represents you and whatever you intend doing online.

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