Step 6: Blog Content Writing Strategies and Tips

Before I get into how to write content, you may be wondering, “Why should I care about this? Is really words works now in the world of Video, Social networking , Image  etc.”

Yes words work — if you know how to use them.

Common sense should indicate there’s room for words online because otherwise, there wouldn’t be any. This article wouldn’t exist. Of course, this begs the question: If the Blog is littered with words, but people aren’t reading them … what are they doing with them?

They’re scanning them.

People don’t have the time or the inclination to pore over every single word that appears on the screen — so they skim, hunting for things which engage their interests or imagination.

Note: This isn’t just a Blog phenomenon. Newspapers and magazines keep stories short because they know the general public doesn’t have the time or patience for depth

So how do you get your point across?
If you want to make money online, you need to know how to write blog content. It doesn’t matter what product or service you’re selling, internet marketing begins with getting found online.

And, this is not easy. Internet marketing experts estimate that 100,000 new websites go live every day. How in the world will yours get found?

Content, content, content. More specifically blog content  And, to be even more specific than that, interesting, informative helpful, new content – and lots of it.

So, words, words, words … they are extremely important to your online business.

But, these words have to be written using certain guidelines that make it easy for web surfers to land on your site. And A perfect, resourceful and unique content that will really help users is all about writing content now.

The main objective is always an effective blog content creation strategy is to meet readers expectations and also fulfill business goals.

Take a deeper look to this following image –

Content Writing Strategies

What is your content strategy ?


Content Components :

Here Substance is tone, topics, style, and message to communicate
Here Structure is how to prioritize & break up the content into different building blocks

People components :

Here Workflow is the tools, process & resources to create & maintain content
Here Governance is integrity, consistency & quality

Hope that you already know why you need to know how to write the best, Evergreen, Real-World, Panda Optimized, Seo blog content Here are the points and a step by step guide that will help you to create and publish a great content.


Content Idea : Create catchy & appealing articles

What to Write About? –

Well, in most cases it is best to try and write about something that interests you. A hobby or something you enjoy doing. It is always easier to write quality content about something you actually enjoy.

Be Creative –

Creativity is an important skill that every blogger should have. It is difficult to write about one topic over and over. It is also likely to lose the interest of your readers. This is why it is important to find different topics in your niche. Be original and try to educate your readers on topics in your niche.

Do Some Research –

Not everyone is an expert in a field or niche. However, this is not an excuse to write low quality content. There is nothing to stopping you from do a bit of research so that the information you eventually give is accurate and informative. This simple step can greatly increase quality.

The best idea is to keep the points in a list of content ideas like:

NW: It means “needs work” for post titles- hmm I like it, but this is not perfect
GI: It means “good idea” for the post titles ,it has potentiality
GI!: It means “great idea”  I will surely write

Review your content ideas & try spinning the wording in your mind, combining the ideas and also flipping them again if you can improve them later.

Combining the old idea with fresh & new with the help of :

-Unrelated ideas
-Add some negatives like “How to” will be “How not to”

And also a follow up to a post idea you haven’t written yet!



Follow the rule of KISS, while writing blogs that is Keep It Short and Sweet. People tend to get bored with longer lines. Moreover, the essence of the message is lost at times.


Organizing Content : Give it a optimized meaningful structure –

The Title –

Starting with the title, pick the keyword that has the best ranking among the couple that you chose. Now create a title based around that keyword, although you can incorporate more if you are able. Your title should be descriptive, offer a solution or pose a question that would interest your target reader.

The First Paragraph –

Next, write your first sentence. You need to incorporate the keyword used in the title of your article, as well as one more keyword if you can without sounding unnatural. Using a statistic, popular misconception or telling the reader what you are going to cover are all great ways to get a readers attention. This can take a couple of sentences, but make sure that you have that keyword positioned in the first one for higher search engine rankings.

There is no need to try and impress your readers with big, fancy words. Most of the time people want to get information quickly and not have to work to understand what you are saying. It can often be more helpful to focus on structure rather the fancy language.

The Body –

The body of your article should tell your reader whatever you have promised in your title and opening paragraph. If you are writing a 1500 word article (the current standard), three to 8-10 smaller paragraphs are appropriate. Ensure that you’ve placed each of your keywords in any paragraph at least once. If you are having a hard time incorporating each keyword, use a bold header for each paragraph

Make your text easy to scan. Use:
· Highlighted keywords (links, colors, bold, etc.)
· Significant titles and subtitles — not cute or clever ones
· Bullet lists

The Conclusion –

Your last paragraph should tie up all of the loose ends in your article, summarize what you’ve said and also incorporate at least one of your keywords (preferably the same one you used in the title and first sentence).

Calls to action ! Comments –

Bottom line: My blog  users’ comments and stories are more important than me. Please Share , Suggest or whatever you feel  now that will call users and activated to do something after they read your content.

Multimedia –

Whatever you’re blogging about, don’t forget to add pictures or related . No eyes is comfortable with paragraphs of text, unless you’re writing a book . However, add images that only help or add value in your content . Related video can be also attract and engage visitors . Try to use unique images , or purchase them on popular sites such as flickr ot or



Content marketing tools


Engaging Content: Tools for content sharing, creation, promotion and more

Content Share –


How it works– Collect all popular social media networking elements on your topics and then present it all at a time in a single sleek format.
Extra Feature – Search popular trend in your topics
Paid or Free -Free


How it works–  RSS feed reader that helps you to stay updated with the current trends.
Extra Feature – Organizing content.
Paid or Free – Free


How it works – Content curating tools
Extra Feature – Help to get the new stories based on pre-selected favorite subjects
Paid or Free – Free

Content Creation –

How it works -Helps you to create unique info graphics with high quality and creative content pieces.
Extra Feature -Massive collections of latest infographics.
Paid or Free – Paid


How it works – Visual Presentation tools that helps you to customize your visualization and share it in the cloud.
Extra Feature – Multi-framing. coloring , shaping and more in paid version
Paid or Free – Free up to 100 mob


How it works– Custom your animated videos and also explain it in a creative way.
Extra Feature – Images right , Quality ensure and create animation with the help of experts.
Paid or Free -Some features are free.


How it works – Upgrade image quality
Extra Feature – Small type images download free
Paid or Free – Some features are in paid version.


How it works– Options for users to vote items in your blog
Extra Feature – Funny and engaging for visitors that can be easily shared.
Paid or Free – Free

Create custom lists and have visitors vote on items. Very easy way to create fun, engaging pieces of content that can easily be shared.

Content Media Management –

Share As Image:

How it works – Free apps that will help to turn your image  into a custom piece of content with the beautiful fonts and also Instagram esque filters.
Extra Feature – Massive collections of stock photos, watermarking options and creating unique images.
Paid or Free – Partially free.

Content Creators –


How it works– Help you to find the quality freelance writers.
Extra Feature – Category based freelances
Paid or Free – Free

Content Promotion –


How it works– Share and keep them into queue that will share across the bloggers social network accounts in a timely manner.
Extra Feature – Social engagement
Paid or Free – Free

Content Analytic –

Google Analytics:

How it works– Tracking , measuring efforts , customized area based reports
Extra Feature – All the things that what you need to get your visitors tracking and measuring your efforts.
Paid or Free – Free


How it works – Your social media activity and performance with the compare of others.
Extra Feature – Get the popular title for your topics with the help of current social activity  trends
Paid or Free – Partially free.



Content Writing is the most important,So hire some who really care to write.

Content Services : Update when you will not there

Article Spinners
One of the mistakes I see a lot of beginning bloggers make, is using article spinners to produce their content. Sure, it works, but talk about unprofessional! For those of you that might not know what an article spinner is, it’s a piece of software or script that allows you to “paste” content you’ve copied into it, push a button, and it re-writes the article for you. 99% of the time the grammar they spit out makes no sense!

If you spin an article and then read it, you will find yourself spending more time correcting all of the mistakes! Not to mention, they take you some time to to setup word variations. However this is just an option not a suggestion.

Auto Blogging –
Now here’s an interesting concept! Auto blogging! You know the phrase…. “set it and forget it!”

Once you have your blog setup, adding an auto blogging software solution to it can be a great way to get it started for you. Auto Blogging software essentially goes out, get’s you content, brings it in to your blog, and creates a post of it for you . Sounds very cool !

But Google Panda punished the auto blogs completely and if someone suggest you about this then never follow this .

Allow Guest Posts and Hire Writers –

Make an option guest post in your blog and hire blog writers from different sources. This is best way but it requires money to get started.

You can find a plethora of freelancers out there that will be more than happy to write your content for you. A simple search for “article writers” will turn up plenty of places to find them! While this is a better option than the article spinners, it’s really a technique to use once your making money, and successful at blogging .

You see, article writers usually charge between $5.00 to $200.00 per article depending on your criteria. Obviously, in most cases, the more you pay the better quality you get. If your just starting your blog and have visions of making tons of money, slow down and make yourself a business plan. Starting out by throwing money at it isn’t the way to go!



Don’t Allow Them To Eat Your Fresh Content

Post Panda Content Policy and Optimization: Don’t create it to feed them –

Size Matters –  Big, bigger, more…yes add words as more as possible. Because, 2000 words is the standard now !!!!

Update,Update And Update – Google loves blog because they provide fresh, relevant content on a regular basis. The more updating that’s done on your blog, the more likely your blog will get indexed and rank high in the SERPs, which will drive more targeted traffic to your blog and increase your conversion rates.

URLS – Shorten your pot  URLs and make them user-friendly. Forget to add keywords for SEO ; better think how people will easily get you by search.

Creative Titles – Don’t imagine as a SEO specialist better think as a creative editor and come up with unique and attractive titles. Catch your visitor’s attention .

Avoid  blocks of text – Make it user-friendly, converting and performing well.

No duplicate content – Just forget about this. To check duplicate content use copyscape

User friendly engaging navigation – Don’t try to make it seo friendly better try user friendly that visitor will engage and browse your site from your content. Use Clean themes and plugins. Create great Images and Videos.

Calls To Action – Whatever your technique is try to engage your users  in your post.

Mobile Friendly – Make it mobile compatible. As on 21st April 2015 google made a new algorithm change to not to show the non mobile friendly sites in mobile search.

Update Or Remove Content / Canonicalize /301 Re-Direct – If you have post already that no one reads but ranking high, update or recreate the page.

Social Engagement – Social networking is very important for repeated visitors and niche based visitors. It will be add great value to your blog and Google.

Focus keywords – Make sure that your keywords are not over optimized. Choose the keywords that is good way to inspire and engage people in your post.

Speed and Performance – Verify your blog performance and track your posts regularly to make sure your content is fast and performing.

Read over what you’ve finished – If everything flows well then you are ready for the next step, which is ensuring that your articles are chock-full of content that is useful to your reader.

A post is like a piece of art – When you will portray it with your words make it a masterpiece then it should be touch your readers mind with a great pleasure.

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  1. Mirinda Holmes June 10, 2015 / 6:11 am

    Great information! You are absolutely right on this; any form of online writing takes years to build credibility because, to do it right and effectively, you have to build your traffic accordingly via social networking, tags, and consistency. Anyone who hit it big in one night more than likely never got other hits again because, as you said, “Create catchy & appealing articles .” With online content writing, even with blogs , it takes years to truly have a strong and steady form of work. Thanks for sharing this!

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