Blog Ping Optimizer – How to Not Get Banned!

Blog Ping Optimizer for WordPress

When it comes to a fresh install of WordPress, there’s a list of essential plugins that you need to use.

One that’s firmly on my list – and used every time – is a Blog Ping Optimizer.

What Is a Blog Ping Optimizer?

When you write something on your blog and publish it, nobody knows ….. well, that’s not good is it! So, along came ping lists and ping services. Built into WordPress is a function that pings every time you publish a new post. A ping is simply that it goes off and tells somebody, it tells a pinging service, that will then broadcast to the world “Hey guys – this blog’s just published something!”

So now the world knows you’ve written something on your blog. Great. Except that’s not the end of it. There are two more things to consider.

  • The ping service built into WordPress is basic and only tells one ping service; there are loads more that could be told, so you’re missing out on a whole bunch of people that might never know you just wrote something on your blog.
  • The ping service built into WordPress is …. stupid. Yep, it’s completely dumb. All it knows is “something changed, hey I’d better tell the world”.

Now – if you write something on your blog and publish it and walk away, that’s great, it might be stupid but that’s good enough – it’s told the world. But, if you’re like me, you then spot a typo, or spot where you want to change a sentence, or add a paragraph, or the image isn’t lining up quite right …. and you go back into Edit and just tweak it… several times. Well, ping is stupid – so guess what it just did…? It just told the world every time you tweaked that you’d just published something, only you didn’t just publish 6 items, you published one and tweaked it 5x. So, the ping service pings it and the Internet says “Hey – you told us that already … we’ve come rushing over here to see … and it’s just the same bunch of stuff”.cv

You need to limit excessive pinging!

The Internet Really DOES Hate You!

So The Internet decides you’re a spammer – and before you know it it’s dropped you off its list. It’s decided you’re a spammer, that you’ve nothing of interest to say – so it stops spreading the word. Now when you ping nothing happens. Nobody cares.

And that’s why you need …. a Blog Ping Optimizer.

The blog ping optimizer I use is a completely free WordPress plugin. I’ve been using it without any troubles at all for 2-3 years.

Once you’ve downloaded/installed it, you can easily use the simple Admin Panel to limit excessive pinging in a short time period; you now control how and when your blog pings.The Admin panel is in the Settings section, where you’ll find a new entry listed.

I’ve set mine to only ping when I publish a new post, or if I’ve not pinged a post for 60 minutes. This means that from when I first pubish a new blog post, I’ve got 60 minutes to keep fiddling and tweaking with it, safe in the knowledge that it won’t be pinging the world every couple of minutes – and potentially getting me banned!

There’s also a button you can hit at any time that will just ping all the ping services, so they know you’re still there – best not touched, but if you’ve got a good reason, such as not having blogged for a month or so, it doesn’t hurt to give that a quick poke 🙂

Who Are You Pinging?

As I mentioned earlier, the default WordPress ping service just pings pingomatic – but you need to find more sites to ping. You need a big ping list to get you started. So I’ve given you my ping list, see below. You literally copy and paste this into the ping service box and you’re done.

This list was given to me a couple of years ago by one of the leading internet marketing experts in the world – so I’ve stuck to it – and my blog gets noticed by Google and I get great traffic, so it must work!

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