Blog Planning Tips for Success (Gear Up!)

blog-planningYou need a plan so that you know where you want to reach, and the amount of effort you need to put in. You need a plan for your blog so that you can reduce the time that you’ll otherwise spend achieving your goals. Blog planning really pays because it keeps you aware of your progress and how many steps you are away from getting what you actually want.

As a serious blogger (who wants to make money blogging) can never blog randomly hoping that the bullet will hit the target some day. To achieve success, you should be able to use some key tips and create a strategy.

You can start the planning process by asking yourself these questions –

Why Do I Need a Blog?
You can start blogging as a hobbyist, a full time blogger, a part time blogger or an entrepreneur blogger. Different types of bloggers have different purposes. Being clear of your purpose will help you create the road-map for success. Through your blog, you may want to help people with their day-to-day problems. You may need a blog to grow your small business. You may also need a blog to showcase your talent to employers and get hired quickly.

By knowing what you want out of your blog, you can set smart goals.

What Qualifications Do I Have to Start a Blog?
Well, there are no specific academic requirements to create a blog. However, you need to make sure that you have the expertise to start blogging around a specific topic. Undoubtedly, blogging is a wonderful platform to share what you know with others. On the other hand, it also adds a lot to your own knowledge base. Remember, truth always springs out of discussion.

In Search of Targeted Readership!
When you plan to start a blog, one of the most important tips to follow is to create a loyal group of followers. Don’t just look for readers. Instead, look for a small group of dedicated readers, that’s what niche blogging is all about. When your focus is narrowed, you’re ready to make the most impact.

If you consider yourself an expert in SEO, don’t start a moneymaking or an internet marketing blog. Focusing on your niche helps you connect with your readers instantly and grow your list of subscribers. Whichever topic you choose to write on, you should always remember to write for a global audience. Global audience reach is certainly the best part of blogging.

Research: Market, Competition & Audience
Research is the foundation stone of any plan. When you do the blog planning, you should define the market that you’ll cater to. By tracking the current market picture in your niche, you prepare yourself to deliver better than others. You need to find out where your blog content stands against the key competitors that operate in your niche.

Use the power of competitive intelligence to build a better blog. Depending on the niche you choose to write on, you can face competitors both online and offline. No matter where your competitors are located, you need to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. As soon as you are able to identify the missing links in your competitors’ blog strategy, you’re ready to cash in on the opportunity.

The next step is to define your target audience. To dig out more about your audience, you may ask yourself –

Where is my targeted audience located?
Where do they spend most of their time?
What are they really passionate about?
What do they like (and what they don’t)?

It’s only when you know more about your target audience that you deliver the right kind of content, get your marketing right on track, engage them immediately and grow your blog.

Blog Promotion Plan
Great content doesn’t have legs. It can never walk up to the target audience on its own. That’s why you need a promotion strategy.

In Any Case, Don’t Forget to Abide by the Best Blogging Guidelines!
No matter what niche you choose to write on, you should always remember to adhere to the best blogging guidelines and practices. Since you have started a blog, you are a member of the blogosphere (see blog terminology). Keep contributing towards the growth of the blog community by becoming a better blogger.

Bonus Tips
Looking for more blog planning tips? No worries, I’m also eager to share a couple more success tips. Have a look.

Always plan in advance
Set smart but smaller goals
Make best use of the available resources
Help people (don’t hard-sell)
Be ready to deal with problems (you never know when things can go wrong)
Stick to a routine
Take sometime off to relax
Enjoy your freedom

Do you want more? Well, keep coming back. It’s now time for you to share your own views, tips and opinions. I’m waiting!

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