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Choose a domain nameBlog Identity With The Right Domain Name

Buying the perfect domain for your blog – the most vital and crucial part that really need some research and time. Because all the good ones are gone. That’s what you’ll hear about domain names from many people.

Is it true?

Only if you’re looking for a single word or popular two-word combination. When people refer to the “good ones” they’re not generally talking about the type of domain name that is well-suited to a niche blog. Your topic is specific and your domain name should be as well.

The initial challenge faced by any person or business blog wishing to register a new domain name related to niche, is the seeming lack of availability for domain names which contain common words and phrases or are perceived to be keyword rich or lucrative for sale. Don’t lose heart however as there are ways to find the perfect domain name by thinking slightly outside the square. Even if the most obvious first choice is not available there are plenty of options as will be outlined below.

Quickly Check Below if your domain name is available or Taken

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1. Do The Domain Name Brainstorming ?

Decide on ideas for a domain name and check the availability of possible domain names. It can often be the case that the most fitting domain name is already used by another persons blog or business. Write down a list of possible domain names and work through them one by one. Some ideas for the example cup cake blog might include:

However, this would be a little lengthy to be considered an ideal domain name, so trying for options such as or would be slightly better.  Alternatively using some descriptive keywords will also work, such as or or

To get more ideas check these website :

DomainsBot – Provide suggestions for available domain including soon to expiring, expired and on sale domains. – Provide domain name suggestions for new tld’s apart from .com. .net or .org etc.
Lean Domain Search – This is really very good domain suggestions search site, where you just enter the niche of your blog and it will provide you with many available domain suggestions.
Bust A Name – This another cool domain name suggestion tool by using combination of different words, it provides you with some very unique domain names, check out the video here
Impossibility – Just enter your keyword and impossibility will generate suggestions by adding nouns, verbs and adjectives to your entered keyword. 
Name Mesh – Another cool tool for getting some unique suggestions for your new domain name.
Domize – It will come up with shorter version of your entered keyword.

2. Is the domain available ?

After selecting the domain name, check if the name is still available. Check availability at sites such as NameCheap. The domain name cannot be registered if it is currently owned by another site holder. That is why it is important to establish the availability of the domain name early in the decision making process. Hopefully, this will avoid much confusion or difficulty over name selection.

3. Is the domain name easy to remember ?

You should go for a domain name with a  perfect sound rhythm. This will help the people to remember your domain name easy. See how Google sounds- its  Goo-gle-Spell and sound it in your own- See the rhythm here. Here is the technique. It will hit the listener memory and keep it there automatically. Same as Ya-Hoo, My-Space, Face-Book etc.

4. Is the domain name easy to spell?

Easy to spell, no “s” or other grammatically confusing word. This is because people may then forget spelling the “s”. Or if your domain has 2 same character joining together, people may forget to type that in too. Something like gettelevision, hottelevision etc .

5.  Does it represent your blog niche or target well ?

This is very valuable to search engines, and can give your website an instant boost with the right strategy. Use Google keyword tools to generate a list of potential keywords and put together short but catchy names that best describe your blogs. Acronyms can be also helpful marketing tools to get a fresh branding message across, and can simply make potential visitors curious to find out more .

6. Is the domain name catchy ?

Read it out loud! You want the domain name to be easy to share through word-of-mouth; if it’s difficult to say it, it’s going to be difficult to remember it. Practice saying the strings of words that you put together out loud, and see if it flows. Keep your domain name short and sweet, unless it’s a very memorable slogan that most people can identify with.

7. Is it short yet descriptive ?

Limit yourself to a maximum of three words. Longer phrases tend to be difficult to remember and also they take too long to type in. People want information fast and if they have to try and remember a twenty letter URL, they probably won’t bother.

Think carefully before using anything apart from .com as an ending for your domain names. It is the most common and often people will forget if you use a more unusual ending such as .name or .tv.

8. Is the Domain have any copyright infringement issue ?

Domain name registration is currently on a first-come first-served basis, and that even if they hold a trademark for their company, product, or service name, this does not necessarily mean that the trademark name is available or rightfully theirs. But according to Domain tools, there are over 32 million names currently registered, and this trend is only growing exponentially due to the international TLDs (top level domains) as well as the new TLDs expected to be launched next year. So be sure that you’re not infringing the domain copyright law with your new domain, just check before you confirm the domain.

Avoid the domain name which is very similar or contain keywords that is similar to any brand name- like using Google or other big brands like yahoo etc is domain copyright infringements and companies can challenge your domain name, and if this happen once you grown up your traffic on your blog is too much painful and also waste of all your handwork you done building website, SEO and other marketing strategies.

9. Is the domains matching TLD”s free to register?

A set consists of the name you wanted in as many TLDs (top level domains) as make sense both for your business to use, or for you to hold so that nobody else competes with you using a very similar name.If you can get them and they make sense, why not add them to your set .

10. Is it containing any Meaningless Characters ?

Underscores, numbers, dashes & apostrophes usually do not work well with your domain names. It makes too much confusion to the blog address & often don’t make any sense .

If you buying already registered domain from Auction or Domain Seller companies then make sure do few checks before finalize your purchase .

Important Precautions : Before Buying A Domain

There are various types of unsavory practices are going on  with domain names and lots of new domain buyer are victimizing of it. So be very careful of the following things when you will buy a domain –

5 Things To Check Before Buying That Domain

1.Is it adsense banned?

Check the domain is already banned by adsense or not .Check it here –Domain Banned By Google Adsense?

This whole process works best if you have two or more people to bounce ideas off of. Domain names that are wacky and outrageous are sure to come up as you work your way through a brainstorming session with friends or coworkers! And at the end of it all, you should have a handful of domain names that you can go with your great blog.

2. Is the Domain Hit By Google Panda Or Penguin Update?

Many Blogs are being hit by the Google Panda & Penguin updates . So before buying your domain check the domain here –

3.  Is there any Spam links ?

On Daily basis many domains were sold and bought on various auctions sites like, godaddy domain auctions etc., so if you would like to purchase the already registered domain from the same sites, then make sure you check the backlinks profile built over the time to see if it have any spam back-links which can ruin your SEO strategies.

4. Do you know about- Domain name front running ?

It will appear when someone attempts to check out any currently non-existent domains, & then quickly snaps up the names before the interested  person inquiring of this. Check here for more details

5. Is your register – Unscrupulous?
A related problems  is that of unscrupulous registrars. Recently a registrar was found in market to have registered all domain name that was just entered into their site search box. If any buyer  check whether a domain name was available,  instantly the domain will snap up by them. So go for reputed company for your domain register.

How To Buy A Cheap Domain Name –

With Bluehost Hosting, you will get free domain name for 1st year, so just find your right domain for your blog to get it registered free of cost with any wordpress hosting plan to save some quick bucks 🙂

If your domain name fulfill the above conditions then you are surely a winner. 

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