Creating User Interface with Design Patterns Libraries

user-interfaceHave you ever been to a design pattern library? Well, there are multiple design pattern libraries on the internet for the design and development community to visit. A design pattern library helps designers find effective solutions to problems they may face while designing a website that enhances user experience. Most of the time, designers and developers are required to work under strict deadlines for completing specific projects. To complete a project within the given timeframe, availability of essential resources is vital. That’s exactly where the necessity of design pattern libraries comes in.

What is a Good Design?

When it comes to creating a powerful user interface, you need to understand what design can be termed as a ‘good design’. It is only when you get the complete idea of a good design that you’ll be able to create user interfaces that enhance the experience of users. A good website design is actually a design that has the potential to ‘attract’, ‘astonish’ and ‘convert’.

User Interface Design Problems

While creating a UI, designers come across an array of problems related to different components of the website. User interface designers may face difficulties related to ‘collecting data from users’ or ‘getting the input’. They may face site navigational problems. Problems may also include ‘social’ problems i.e. allowing the user to interact with other people online.

So, some of the common UI design problems may fall into the following categories:

  • Data input
  • Data management
  • Navigational structure
  • Social (User interaction/ communication)

Many times, designers and developers will be called upon to improve an existing product or website so as to promote user orientation. In any case, designers can make use of multiple tools and resources to solve problems related to design patterns.

Using Design Pattern Libraries

To solve UI design problems, you can definitely take help from several effective tools available online. Of course, when you are creating a user interface design in a team environment, things can be easier. But when it’s about putting up a one-man show you may find yourself in trouble.

By using design pattern libraries, you’ll be able to have a look at a number of design patterns created by other designers and developers across the globe. In addition, you’ll come across a multitude of design problems and how they were actually solved. You can easily document your UI designs and collaborate with the design community to share your experiences and problems.

Some of the most popular design pattern libraries include:

There are a number of benefits of using design pattern libraries. First and foremost, you can use the existing patterns as great reference material. By reviewing those design patterns, you can compare your work and check out the flow of multiple design elements of your site or the different approaches adapted to develop a specific app. Referencing a design pattern library can save you plenty of time that you would otherwise spend visiting multiple e-com sites. In any case, don’t forget to submit some of your own patterns to contribute to the design and development community that benefits you in so many ways.

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