I knew that most of the bloggers didn’t plan to blog just because they didn’t know what to plan and how to build it. So, in this guide, I will help you building your blog plan to run your first successful blog. Just sit back, take a pen and a paper then writing down the answer for these following question below:

Why Do I Blog?

There are many ways to start a blog. Instead of trying to find a profitable blog niche to blog about like many other bloggers have done, I started my blog by asking myself the question “Why do I blog?

I thought to do something well, we need to figure out the reason, motivation and purpose – what forces us to do that!

I know the reasons why I blog. And I’m sharing with you now. Read on!


I really love writing because it makes me think deep.

While I was in high-school, I realized that I loved literary. I really loved the stories, the poems that I learned in class. It gave me many lessons about life, love, people, nature and so forth. Therefore, I really wanted to write something like that.

I also wrote stories and sent it to my school’s competitions. I was fortunate to be named in the list of award-winning. Although it was a consolation prize, it made me confident that I was able to write better.

That’s the reason why I want to blog, to keep my love on writing.


I started my first serious blog to share my experience in life and work. At the beginning, I just wanted to record what I learned – how to do everything better and get success in the future. Later on, some readers came to my blog and left a ton of comments. They even emailed to me saying “thanks” for my articles. They said my blog has helped them feel optimistic and think more positive. I couldn’t believe – I never thought my experience could help other people. So I felt happy because it made me believe that I had done a good thing.

I realized that helping people is my happiness – I wanted to do it as much as I can. Blog is the best way that helps me do it well.


Blog is a great means of communication.

Through my blog, I had many conversations with readers. And when I listened to their opinions, I immediately received positive feedback, many of which have value to me and other people.

Listening to other people helped me communicate and improve myself better. That’s why I love blog.


To help people, I need knowledge, experience and skills. I have to learn, do research to archive all those things in life and to share with other people.

When I help people, I also get a lot of help from them in return. Every person has something significant to me. You can learn blogging techniques from me but I can also learn many things from you.

That’s the benefit of blogging which makes me love it.


To blog, I must write.

To blog, I must read other blogs.

To blog, I must communicate with other people.

To blog, I must learn English.

To blog, I must understand my passion.

That’s why through blogging, my skills will be much improved.


Since I joined the blogosphere, I have known many new friends from everywhere. It is nice to have more friends, sharing and helping.

You know, it would be fun if someone visits your blog and wants to make friends with you.

And that’s the great thing that blogging has brought me.


I had a full-time job but I didn’t get much money from it. I really wanted to help my family to improve their life but I didn’t have enough money to do what I wanted to. So I thought I need to find the ways to earn extra income.

Since I knew somebody out there can make money from their blog, I really was agitated. I love writing, I have something to talk, and I love technology – Why don’t I blog then make money from it like many other bloggers?

That’s all my answer.

Now, you already knew why I blog, but did you know why you blog? Why don’t you ask yourself this question?

Why do you blog – do you know the answer of your questions ?

8. What do you name your blog?

Read Choose a domain name

9. How many categories will you add to talk around your topic? What’s their name?

Pick user friendly category that people will easily get.  Choose categories that will also focus keywords. Be consistent and relevant that will cover your main theme

10. How many and what your articles will be published on your new blog on first week, next week, …first month, next month…? (just writing out your posting schedule).

Answer – Several times each day—When you have a blog topics that focus  short news items, “gadget” blogs. technical alerts, .
Daily posts—If your blog is about short inspirational posts, like “thought of the day” blogs, daily writing , * similar types .
2-5 posts per week—For featured and specialist blogger who provide recipe or guide or tutorial ste by step that will be work best for them
1 post per week—For fresh research and ongoing topics review or events based blog should follow these ways of blogging
1 or 2 posts per month—Bloggers who are not care but like to blog and share their most liked and experiment of job issues they can follow this way.

11. What type of content will your blog have? (Product reviews, case studies, interviews, video, posdcat or instructions…?)

Answer – Read Blog Content Writing Strategies and Tips

12. How many guest posts you will send to other? Where do you want to send your posts? When do you want to send your guest posts? (you know guest posting is one of the best ways for new blogs to get exposure.)

Answer – 5 Common Guest Posting Mistakes

13. Do you want to use Google Adword, Facebook Ads or direct ads to promote your blog?

Answer – Read Market and Promote your blog

14. What is the first thing that impresses you when visiting a blog?

Answer -It’s blog interface (I know you’ll answer it right) Everybody looks different because each person has a unique look. Your blog interface differentiates you from other bloggers. So choose a unique blog interface and identify yourself – build your blog brand.

15.What things did I do before start a blog?

Before I could start and build a better blog, I must do research, learn many things. What’s that?

You will know what I did before I started my blog now.


Did I surprise you? (English is my second language)

Although I started my first blog in my primary/ native language, but I understood that blog in the local language will be limited within the boundary while I wanted to convey my message to more people. So I must blog in international language (English). 


Did I surprise you, again?

You should understand that I was a new blogger. Eight years ago I even didn’t know anything about blog.

Obviously we have to learn to get new knowledge. So I have to learn “how to start a blog” before I could.


A simple way to learn how to start a blog is watching how other people started their blogs (I believed that you are here to do that). Right?

We should follow our favorite blogs for 3 reasons:

  • Learn how to start and build a better blog: You know that a lot of other bloggers started a blog before us so they had more experience. We could learn so much from them.
  • Communicate with other people: In the blogosphere, we could meet many, many people who have the same interest, passion and so we could get a lot new friends. (That’s great, right?).
  • Get new idea: I have to admit that some of my blog post ideas came from other blog posts and comments. (You know, idea is an importance part to start a blog).


I found that there were many blogging e-books teaching us how to start and build a work-out blog such as “31 Days to Build a Better Blog” “ProBlogger’s Guide to your First Week of Blogging”, and “ProBlogger’s Guide to Blogging for Your Business”. I have learned much experience, knowledge and skill to start my blog from it.


You know, we need knowledge to do everything better.

There were many ways to get knowledge.

We could ask someone who was better than us to get knowledge. We could get knowledge from our friends, teachers, classmates and colleagues. We also could get knowledge from the Internet. However, one way I liked to get knowledge is reading books.

I thought that reading book is a positive way to acquire knowledge. There was much knowledge I could learn from books – economics, medicine, politics and daily life lessons. Most of us can learn everything from books.

Why don’t you start reading such e-books to get knowledge about “how to blog”?


The very first and best thing I learned from blogging e-books is building a blog plan. A blog plan is necessary.

A plan is a road map to establish how the blog will operate, its goals and how to make your blog achieve goals.

Definitely, a blog plan will help us save time, work scientifically and not become confused.

What’s about you?

What things would you do before starting a blog?

Did you read some blogging e-books like me or Did you can blog better without needing knowledge, experience from other people, these e-book like me?

Did you build a plan before start your blog or Did you start a blog without building a plan?

If you want to build a blog plan, why don’t you ask me? I’m here to help.

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