Free Instant Squeeze Pages For Opt In Marketing

Get free instant squeeze pages with Free Products..Oh Yes!!

A squeeze page is an essential page for an internet marketer, they provide the means to capture a potential subscribers email and first name, this is called an opt in and opt in marketing should always be backed up with a double opt in to protect against spam, this is to send the subscribers useful offers or tutorials by email with their permission of course.

This method is far more better for people if they have the option of the double opt in to confirm that they have signed up for the email communications from the site, cutting down on spam for you as the e mailer is what makes the internet cleaner, but I would check your email filters to back up your spam protection as they do get through, the pesky fools with their vi*gra!!.

A squeeze page can be quite simple to create as you don’t want a long drawn out page, these can be very simple to create, all you need to do is provide a short introduction, make sure the page is meta tagged for your chosen keywords and add your sign up form code to the page.

Maybe you could list some of the benefits of signing up, add what they will learn and gain from the useful email series, of course you may add affiliate links and that sort of thing, but the key here is to not sell all the time, you need to be providing useful information to your subscribers.

Every niche market has methods to learn and things that some people may not know, you provide valid researched and topical information for your readers to digest, remember to do these few things when you create your email series:

  • Write short paragraphs that are easy to read and take in.
  • Keep selling/affiliate links to a minimum.
  • Avoid hype selling and content of this nature.
  • Refer people to genuine free ways of doing something.
  • Write the way you would actually talk, don’t try talking like a cowboy or mobile phone talk.
  • Add value to your email communications.

By following the above points when making your email messages, you will do quite well in your niche, just remember to not stop promoting your squeeze pages as this is an ever repeating process, duplication is the key and repeating a daily routine must be taken into account for your opt in marketing to take effect.

So what are the benefits of signing up for the free membership?

  • Well for one, there isn’t any need for massive technical knowledge, as all there is to this is going through a simple step by step process of creating your squeeze pages, without the need for html know how.
  • The templates for each squeeze page that you get are time tested by top marketing pros, so that you convert your sign ups into long lasting subscribers, because that’s what you want right?
  • High quality and also professional graphics that add that slick look to your lead capture pages.
  • Plug in some of the free products already available, so you can offer a free gift just like the top marketers out there do, you know the ones who offer something really high value in content and then it makes you want to buy what they are offering.
  • Your digital products are delivered for you and also hosted so there is no worry of getting things wrong on this technical side of webhosting.

Once you start using this free membership tool for your opt ins and internet marketing methods you will see your subscribers grow and your online income too.


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