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Alright, alright already!! If that’s what you’re saying to yourself about blogging, then it’s your time. You’re finally ready to make your blog, and send your business into the stratosphere. You see Blogging isn’t just a cute little trend anymore. In fact, the web is basically turning into a blog medium. Take Twitter for example… Twitter is marketed as a way to Micro-Blog. Now micro-blogging is nothing more than telling people what you’re doing, and blogging is nothing more than telling people what you’re doing, what you’re up to, and what they should be doing.  This is how will make your blog and brand yourself as a network marketing professional. Of course there are dozens of reasons to blog, even if it’s just to supplement a static site, and keep your site in the search engines, and the public eye. 

But the important thing is that how to make a blog, and you do use it most effectively.

According to a number of surveys, WordPress is the most popular blogging platform online – both the free, hosted version and the CMS you download and install on your own server. It’s easy to use and looks neat; the admin panel is also very convenient thanks to AJAX technology. There’s a reason WordPress is so popular! However, is it really the best blogging platform there is? If you know a better one, let us know!
This site is here to teach people how to make a blog and built on WordPress Self Hosted Platform.  If you are interested in learning how to make a blog you will need to check the list of my blog posts to learn exactly how to become involved with this blog and make a blog for yourself.  You do not have to be a seasoned Internet marketer to make a blog; it is okay if you have never even had your own blog before.  

Most people find the task of setting up a personal blog to be extremely daunting. Actually it’s a fairly simple process and I’ve created, complete with video tutorials and step by step instructions, to help you with each step along the way.  And all of the information is absolutely free. If you are thinking of starting a blog, you may have considered a free site to host your blog; such as  There are drawbacks – for example WordPress doesn’t allow you to place ads on your blog to earn income.  Sites that do allow ads will usually take a percentage of the revenue generated. For a nominal hosting fee you can create a blog and you will reap 100% of the rewards from your efforts.  You will also have the freedom to decide what content you include on your site.

For your long term success, create a blog using your own domain and server. 

A web site should be well designed and load quickly to attract customers to the business. It needs to have a good professional image and be filled with relevant content and applications. Today most successful websites integrate SEO and web design to ensure that the site is appealing to both human users and search engines. Customers should be able to navigate around the site easily and information regarding services should be accessible and easy to find without overloading the visitor’s senses. This will ensure the customer will not get frustrated trying to find what they are looking for and will hopefully purchase services or goods.

SEO strategy is important to direct customers to the site, and a professionally designed website makes it functional. Designing the site to be easily navigated will save the customer time as well as help them find what they are looking for. For the small business it is important for customers to find the site and obtain the information or services they are looking for.

Finding your niche

The most important thing that you want to do is find a niche to blog about. Check the above link for details

Best blog platforms, free blogging platforms, popular blogging platforms

These days there are many blogging platforms for you to choose from, there are even blogging platforms that specialize in blogs for a specific industry, for example, you can host your real estate blog on blogger etc; many social networking sites are starting to offer blogging as an option for members. The platform you choose depends on what you are trying to achieve, if you are looking to ease communication with your existing network of friends you can take advantage of the blogging feature on your favorite social network, if you are looking to blog for your business you should look into a blogging platform that has the capabilities that you require. It is up to you to choose the best platform for your needs.

The two most popular and widely used blogging platforms are Blogspot (or blogger) and WordPress. These platforms offer similar capabilities, but have a few key differences, blogger is easier to use and is the blog platform of choice for those new to blogging, this is a great platform if you want a personal blog and are not looking for tons of traffic. One of the main limitations of blogger is that there is not much you can do with on page SEO and it is difficult to make your blog self hosted.

WordPress is currently the gold standard of blogging platforms and is preferred both in terms of SEO capabilities and the fact that making your WordPress blog self hosted is fairly simple. Although WordPress has a higher learning curve as far as figuring out all of the features and may be more difficult to use for novice bloggers. WordPress blogs are also more customizable, if you choose to have your blog self hosted you can easily mold the blog template to look like your site. If you are setting up a blog for your business it is recommended that you use WordPress as your blogging platform.

Getting a hosting account

Please check the above link for details about blog hosting

Optimizing your blog, search engine optimization strategy, promoting your blog

There are many millions of blogs that currently exist on the web, and new blogs are being created daily, I would go as far as to say that in the few minutes that you’ve been looking at this page a dozen or more new blogs have come into existence. (Most of these blogs will never be seen by more than a few people)

The most important thing when it comes to optimizing a blog is to make sure that you post new content often and that this content is original and interesting to read! As long as you write well, and blog often you will develop a devoted following for your blog quickly!

Manage your reputation with a blog, protect your reputation, reputation management tips

Your online reputation is a powerful thing and can have a direct bearing on your career prospects, in helping you get your dream job as well as in determining whether you get promoted. Blogging is a great way to create and manage your online reputation and to ensure that you have control over what is said about you on the web.When you have a blog (on any topic) you should set yourself up as the primary author, this way you will get credit for your work and when someone Google’s your name your writing will show up in the results (depending on the platform you may have to go into blog settings to add yourself as the primary author).

SEO for contractors, Contractors marketing ideas, contractor marketing services

Online marketing for contractors is a must in today’s competitive business world. For contractors this means that their web content must attract customers from their locality to be effective. When customers are searching for a contractor it must be one that is reasonably close to where the services are to be rendered. Search engines like Yahoo, MSN and Google use web crawlers that search for the most pertinent match and for those who are looking for local contractors the site needs to be optimized with this information.

Locality is key to online marketing for contractors but it is also very important to have content that is industry specific SEO. Visitors are active and it is important that they find their answers in just a few seconds, or they will go back to their search. It is of the utmost importance to have appropriate SEO so that the company will get the quality leads that are important to the success of the business.

Blog marketing companies are skilled in using the best online marketing techniques for contractors. Their expertise is to use specific SEO for contractors that will provide valid leads and profitable business to the site.

 The Basics of making a Blog

So the beautiful part about blogging is that it’s not hard at all. In fact it’s so simple that these days most kids have a blog of their own. Then again, kids can work their way around the internet so fast you can barely figure out what they’re doing so that’s not a very good example. LOL

So when you’re starting a blog you want to start out with your main most important reason for doing so. This means that you have to know if your blog is going to be for branding yourself (recommended), selling products, marketing your opportunity, generating leads for your business to market to over and over (highly recommended), or a combination thereof.

It may seem like a lot to start, but I’ve provided videos and articles to clearly explain each step. You don’t need to be a computer programmer to create a blog.   You don’t need to be an expert and you don’t have to spend weeks trying to find all of this information yourself.  I’ve spent years gathering information, applying strategies and operating successful blogs.  Now, I’m sharing my experience with you and it is absolutely free.

In other words it is a complete guide to starting and maintaining a long term business venture on the internet.  How to make a blog is more than that though it is people working together to enhance their lives and help their fellow man.  How to make a blog is a community of like minded people working towards a common goal.  Yes you will be building your own website and you will enjoy the fruits of your labor, but there are community projects that help build real long term sustainable income for people.  In my experience working together makes things happen a lot faster for people.  And when people can see a real project come together and are having fun working as a team, but more importantly making a little money, it makes life and working a lot easier.

This site is intended for those who are serious about learning how to make a successful blog.  The videos are very comprehensive and I want to make sure they are available to those most interested.  There is also a small sections for questions about the videos or to request help with your site. Sign up with our newsletter and I will see you on the other side to get started right now with your new blog setup tips etc.

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