How to Make Your Blog Contest a Smash Hit

contestThere are so many goals that you can fulfill with blog contests. By running a blog contest, you can get more email subscribers. You can use these contests to increase readership and drive more traffic. You can run these competitions to speed up online sales. Though the idea of running a contest on your blog is quite tempting, it’s a challenging task as well.

Since I started blogging, I’ve been a part of multiple blog contests. I completely understand that running a successful blog contest requires a lot of planning, time and energy. It’s plenty of hard work!

What can you do to make your blog contest a ‘smash hit’?

Let’s find out.

Targets & ‘Numerical’ Goals
Every blog contest has a specific goal or objective. You may want to attract more traffic to your blog. You may plan to get more blog subscribers. You may also want to attract more social media fans. Or you may want to increase the level of engagement with the target audience.

While setting goals is important, what’s even more important is to have ‘clear and numerical goals’. For example, you may set a target of increasing the online sales by 25% or the number of email subscribers by 40%.

Setting clear numerical goals makes you more focused and compels you to put in maximum effort. However, you should avoid setting arbitrary numerical goals.

What’s in It?
This is more important. How much buzz you want to create depends on what’s in the blog contest for your audience. While selecting a prize for the contest, you need to think in terms of the requirements of your target audience. Choose those prizes that simplify the life of your readers. If you end up choosing a wrong type of prize, it can throw water on your entire effort.

At the same time, you should also make sure that you choose prizes according to your budgetary considerations. A good idea is to find one or more sponsors who will donate the rewards in return for some publicity you give them.

Contest Specifications (Type, Guidelines & Terms)
Careful attention must be paid to every detail of the blog contest. After the blog contest is over, there’ll be both winners and losers. In fact, the number of losers will be far greater than the number of winners. It’s, therefore, vital to take good care of those who can’t make it. If you have loopholes in the contest rules and terms, you can easily upset those who were unable to win.

While writing contest rules, you should clearly define –

  • Type of Contest (skills contest, photo contest, challenge contest)
  • Prize or Reward (description, delivery, acceptance)
  • Entry Method
  • Last Date of Submission
  • Selection of Winners
  • Winner Notification

In order to avoid any kind of discrepancy in future, you should focus on each of these details and keep the participants well-informed. Missing out on any important contest detail can lead to negative online buzz. The effort that you invest in setting these rules will keep you protected.

The Promotion Part!
Think big. If you’re offering exciting prizes, you should also make sure that you receive a good return on the investment. Having a well-planned contest promotion strategy is key to achieving your goals or objectives. There are different sources that you can use to give your blog contest a solid promotion and attract more people for participation.

There are several free sites (Online Sweepstakes, Contest Blogger, Sweeps Advantage) that you can use. Industry-related online forums and social media platforms are other great places for promoting your blog contest. You can also run ad banners on popular blogs in your niche.

One of the best ideas for blog contest promotion is writing guest posts on popular blogs in your industry. Using your email list is also a powerful idea to create a buzz about the contest.

So, what are you waiting for? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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