How to Prevent Blogger Burnout: 3 Good Tips

Blogger-BurnoutAs bloggers our primary job is to keep our blog sites updated with fresh relevant content, keep our community engaged and manage a growing list of social media profiles. If we don’t look out after ourselves, all these never ending updates can quickly lead to blogger burnout.

However there are things you can do and tricks of the trade you can implement which will help to reign in the procrastination monster and beat him at his own game. Below are a few tips and ideas we’ve put together – on how best to keep blogger burnout from occurring now or in the future.

1. Schedule in Advance
One of the wonderful things that any blog owner can do is to schedule things in advance such as their blog posts, tweets and Facebook status updates via the features found in the respective platforms. If you’re a WordPress blogger, you have the ability to write posts and then schedule them in advance via the “Publish” feature in WordPress. You can set your blog posts to go LIVE next day, next week or whatever date into the future you choose. This is a handy dandy under-utilized attribute that many blog owners do not take advantage of but should.

By publishing your blog posts, tweets and Facebook status updates in advance you’re essentially creating the illusion of time, by freeing up moments in the future. This time can then be used for other more important tasks, like making money.

2. Use Smart Blogging Tools (and Apps)
Visit any “blogging tips” website and you’ll be greeted by several articles discussing various tools and apps which make a blog owners job easier, faster and or more efficient. The reason these are popular is because bloggers flock to the articles in search of that elusive “quick fix” that doesn’t exist. However there are tools and apps aimed at blog owners that help with numerous website details.

Take for example the All In One SEO plugin for WordPress which facilitates many blog SEO functions with a few simple clicks. This is a free and easy tool that can and will make your job easier if use it and use it correctly. There are other examples including contact forms, email marketing service providers which make it easier to collect email addresses and even manage an entire email campaign right from your blog. Take advantage of these tools and apps whenever you can to save time, make money and grow your blog.

3. Hire Some Help
If your blog is making money, and you’re starting to feel “growing pains” then it might be time to look into reinvesting some of that money by hiring an assistant. An assistant can help you in a number of ways which you may (or may not) know about and take a bit of the pressure off of you. You can get help with content by hiring a freelance writer, help with blog marketing, link building, SEO and or managing your social profiles by hiring a virtual assistant.

Where do you start? You can begin to look for help by going to blogger forums or blogger job boards and announcing your need for for a good assistant. This should yield a good number of leads, and as usual you’ll want to be vigilant and screen any and all applicants. The better your screening process, the better your pool of leads will be.

Blogging has many rewards and this is why many risk blogger burnout to the extent that they can no longer manage it all. Don’t be that person, instead learn from their mistakes and manage your site efficiently and productively by following our three tips above. Blogger burnout will be gone forever.

Do you suffer from blogger burnout? Please talk back in comments.

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