How to setup a blog

how-to-setup-a-blogRecipe for how to setup a blog

Earning money from blogging is not easy. Everyone can create a blog but not everyone can maintain it, or be successful with it. I’ve decided to summarize what I’ve learn about blogging


  1. Original and useful content
  2. Optimization
  3. Good layout



  1.  Decide what the blog will be about. Choose wisely. It shouldn’t be too common a subject, or too unpopular.
  2.  Research on the topic.
  3. Select the best keyword and popular niche at Google keyword research tools for extension of free blog or for domain
  4. Create an account with blogger or WordPress or choose a best WordPress host
  5. Select a premium themes, or get a free themes from internet and upload it
  6. Write About the author of the blog, add a picture if you can
  7. Write about what the blog is about
  8. Write original content. Use the popular keywords.
  9. Automate Ping Services

For Traffic

How much you earn depends upon the traffic that you get to your blog. Not just that, make sure your visitors want to stay on your blog.

  1. Add keywords in Meta tag. It helps the search engines to find your site.
  2. Submit your blog in Search Engines e.g. Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  3. Submit your blog into quality directories like Dmoz, Yahoo etc.
  4. Become a member of forums e.g. Mylot, doshtalk, etc and promote your blog
  5. Do Guest Posting on other blogs related to your niche.
  6. Join Social Bookmarking sites and submit your content which will bring traffic.
  7. Join communities that allows you to review other bloggers and they review you in return.
  8. Exchange links with bloggers. I read that it’s better for a blog to exchange links with blogs with higher PR, but for traffic, link to everyone and anyone.
  9. If you want a higher Google Rank, which measures the popularity of your blog, you need to be more selective in who you link to.

How to setup a blog for profitable blogging

It does not matter if you are blogging for personal or for business, all you want is just to get more visitors to read what you have written. It will seem that the things you wrote are useless if no one will ever read them – probably it’s just you and your relatives. So the first goal when setup on blogging is to get as much traffic to your blog.

Here are some tips that you can try so that you will be read by many.

1. Of course, when you write you need to consider your readers. Whether they are your personal whining or business related pieces, you need to make sure that your readers will understand them. People are busy and most of the times they just scan through the information. You want them to check your blog and let them linger there to read the entire entry.

2. Provide relevant information. It does not really matter if what topics you have but if you provide useful information to your readers, you can guarantee that they would return and subscribe to your RSS to know more about what you have to write in the coming days.

3. There are a lot of technical tools that you can use with blogs nowadays. But before you even think of using these tools like a music player, check if your theme would be right for using these tools.

4. Put interaction in your blog. If your readers can put on comment, feedback or suggestions in your forum, then you can guarantee that they would return to your blog and do some interaction with you.

How To  setup and run a money blog

If you have a internet marketing business, you can Earn Money Blogging. There are many benefits when it comes to setting up a blog to promote your business or interests. To generate more income as an affiliate or internet marketer you will need to apply techniques which can generate a nice income over the internet.

You will need to gain knowledge on how you can succeed online by blogging. Some people are put off by starting a blog the first time. Read below for tips on the important things you need to know when starting out.

You will need to start by obtaining a RSS feed. This is also known as Really Simple Syndication. There are many blog systems available that have a RSS feed already available. If you wish to set up one yourself you can go to feedburner. By registering an account with them you can set up a feed option box. This will allow your readers to receive all your content by email. It is very easy to set up and is one of the most popular sites to do this. If you want to earn money blogging a RSS feed is highly beneficial. This will enable your readers to return when you have something interesting that you wrote about.

You can even send your visitors who left a comment a thank you email message. This can be done for you automatically by some programs or software that you can purchase. A great tool that can help you earn money blogging is Option Comments. This program will send out emails to commenters on your site, you can edit the message to say a welcome and thank you message and ask them to option to your mailing list. This is a great tool to capture visitors to your blog. You can also give away a gift to encourage them to opt in. This software has been shown to increase subscribers and affiliate sales.

The next crucial tip is to place an option form some where on your blog, on your sidebar would be the best place, make sure it is on top so they can see it straight away. You can earn money blogging by implementing this tip. Once you have captured a subscriber you can send them important information, advice and frequent newsletters. This will also increase your affiliate sales.

By adding fresh content every few days you will get interested readers and have people joining your mailing list. If you are interested in selling products to your list, email marketing is one of the best options. You can earn money blogging, as it is easy to do and doesn’t take up much of your time. Set up a blog today to start earning and grow your internet business as well.

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