Step 9: Learn how to make money out of blog(s)


Money out of your blog


Do you want to learn how to make money online blogging? Blogging with niche blogs is how many people get started to make money online. Hopefully you will get some insight into make money blogging here .

 We always know that niche blogs are where the money is .  You set up a blog. You find affiliate products for your blog. You write an entry each day. You market your blog. You collect the money. Sounds simple, right ?

No, Its Totally Wrong .

Things totally has changed from the grandpa blogging . Its a new blog world. And there are millions of people blogging about millions of topics with the same way you are thinking every month.

Then what ?

That part isn’t so simple .

You probably have all sorts of unique ideas that you will sell, right? Amazing e-books or courses or maybe latest iPhone apps? Or a fantastic service ?

Well, here’s the sad news is :

More than likely, all of your ideas for this products will suck. and the good news is you’re not only the one in this position . All the same type  ideas for products suck . Here’s why :

All of we tend to start with products that we can see people need, but people are not aware of it yet. What We think is that if we show them  their problem we can convince them to buy the product or service .

We are not Steve Jobs. As a beginning marketer you should only be offering products that solve customer problems but if you convince the customer that the problem exists, you’ve already lost the marketing battle .

Think about your own interests. If you are interested in a particular hobby or topic, the chances are good that thousands or even millions of other people are. What is your favorite reality television show? People blog about Survivor, and some of those blogs have a huge following. This goes to show you that even if you do choose a topic that many people are blogging about ,  you can still make it unique enough to become quite popular .

Lets see how ?

Professional Blogging – Blogging For Money

The professional bloggers do indeed know what they are doing, some are self taught whilst others are trained by other Internet marketers, sort of like apprentices with no Jedis or Sith lords in sight. many pay for courses by other top bloggers and that’s how they learn and they become assimilated into the professional blogosphere and become six to seven figure bloggers in the process.

Whilst it takes a special person to become a pro-blogger and a determined one at that, it is not impossible, it does however take a few years for a blog to become successful and that’s why you have to stick at it, blogging is a long term business really and you do need to keep your subscribers happy and interested, whilst also building your blogging empire

By making your blog a special interest blog you are targeting your blog to reach the people you intend, so always try and reach out to this intended niche market audience anyway you can through other related blogs, topic focused forums or social networks where these like minded people gather and don’t forget YouTube videos is a massive search engine in it’ own right, so make a network over there if you can .

One of the main things that new bloggers fail to plan for is new content, they start of the first few months knocking out new content and then all of a sudden, they get burnt out quite quickly as they didn’t plan ahead with their blog content, this should be done at least a month ahead, blogs you can now schedule blog posts to post whenever you want, so I recommend you do this and keep ahead of your posts for when anything else crops up like some more marketing that needs to be done .

Many top bloggers are all making their blogging income from a few , However here are list of all options where you can making money by blogging .

List of money making options and platforms for bloggers –


Plug in advertising and away you go, just build your site, whilst your earnings come in from these contextual ad networks.

-Display Ads
-Private Ads
-Giveaways & Reviews
-Newsletter/Podcast Sponsorships
-Sponsored Posts
-Underwritten Posts or Series

Affiliate programs

Free to join usually, all you have to do is find a product to promote and promote it on your blog and set up some marketing campaigns to track it.

Digital Products
Anything you create digitally, ebooks, software, audio and video can be sold from your blog with the right technical know how.
Apps, Plugins or Themes
Ecourses/Webinars/Online Workshops
Premium Content & Membership Communities
Selling Blogs & Websites

Physical Products
Create t-shirts and other merchandise around your blogs brand, who knows readers might buy them.
Conferences, Classes or Special Events
Handmade Products
Manufactured Products


You might think of this like freelancing. As your blog gets more and more popular then you may become in demand for your knowledge on a subject and get paid for your services..
-Administrative Assistant
-Audio/Video Editor
-App Developer
-Concierge/Personal Assistant
-Cook  Counselor
-Digital Freelancer
-Social Media Manager
-Project Manager
-Photo Editor
-Software Writer
-Web Builder
-Web Developer

There are some other option also where you can make money.

· RSS advertising – Blogs have feeds which can be pinged and collated on RSS feed directories.
· Donations– Some bloggers put up a donation button from paypal and hope for the best, it could work if your blog is highly useful.
· Flipping blogs – Build up a blog for a few months and sell it once it has traffic, flip your blog.
Another way of making money from blogging is by setting a blog and charging members to subscribe so that they gain access to some premium content. This kind of content would not be shared on the free basic blog segment. You can effectively do this if you have credibility and have lots of unique contents to offer your subscribers so that the money you would be charging is going to be justifiable.

You can also sell something or promote a product or service in your blog and you can ask for donation too by simply placing a PayPal donation button.

Display Ads: Blogging for Cash

Given below are some of the websites which help you to earn money online blogging. These sites help you to generate revenue by getting your website introduced to advertisers.
  1. Google Adsense – Google Adsense is the most popular blog advertising platform. So if you are blogging for cash, then you need to apply for Adsense as soon as you write a good number of articles and informative content. Remember that your application would be rejected if your website doesn’t have enough content. Once you have a good amount of content and traffic, you can easily earn money online blogging.
  2. Yahoo Publisher Network – Yahoo Publisher pays almost as good as Google Adsense per click on average, but it has poorer contextual targeting than Adsense because they have a smaller advertiser base. The poor targeting, usually results in lower click through rate and lower earnings overall.Unfortunately, YPN has been in beta forever and it is hard to get and stay in the program. Yahoo wants quality sites in their network for now while it’s still in beta. They have strict standards for staying in their program based on the quality of traffic you get.
  3. Bid Vertiser – Bidvertiser is one of the best blog advertising platform if you are Blogging for cash. The minimum payout is 10$ for checkout and you can check out through Paypal. It provides you a wide range of banner advertising options and you can select one of the best ones for your website design.
  4. Chitika – Chitika is different than most Pay per click networks because they are not Contextual based on your page content. Instead ads are served based on the keyword of a user when they come via the search engines. They only show ads when a website visitor comes from the search engines and from the U.S or Canada. If the visitor comes from another website or is not from U.S or Canada then the Chitika ad is not shown. Chitika is acceptable to use in conjunction with Google.
  5. Viglink –  Viglink is the latest and  one of the great way to monetize blog. It works multiway than other monetization programs. It converts normal outgoing links into Affiliate links & if any users make a single purchase then you will earn a referral commission out of it

Advertising pros

  • Easy to set up & maintain .
  • Used as a way to get readers used to your site “ads on your site”  before you gain earning from advertisers .
  • Advertising is indeed very lucrative for some selected bloggers .

Advertising cons

  • Popup ad blockers, Mobile access, and streamlined browser readers often remove ads from blogs .
  • Only very high traffic can earn satisfactory earnings .
  • Lats few years this is very low .
  • It changes the way of sites looking and layout .
  • Many readers have already developed ad blindness .
  • There is a good tension to be banned or not by Google ads .

8 Quick And Smart Tips To Make Money From Blogging-

1. No niches

Each full-time blogger  has forged their own path and has a natural story to tell. Almost all of them are on blogging on “normal,” every-day topics  .

2. Longer Content – More Traffic

You know what else works? Long blog content.Its bit surprising , but on research average, that longer post content gets much more traffic .

3. Forget SEO for Your First Year

Let’s get the thing straight : no hurry fro SEO.Your quality , your time and your regularity will work for SEO .The time , the money whatever you plan to invest for SEO in first year turn it to natural quality and your product improvement for first year of your blog .

4. Email List Is Still  More Important

Emphasis it, this old method is still sucks very effectively .

5. Start with Your Services, Then Slowly Expand into Your Products

You don’t have to create your product right now. Give the service , products come automatically and sold .

6. There’s No Such Product As a “Cheap” Product

Start with the product that are comparatively have cheap offers .

7. Webinars – The smart but easy way

This is the way where some bloggers earned millions of dollars easily .

8. Teach Your Visitors What You Learned

Always share the best things to your visitors honestly as you know and knowing.

Finally , to really be successful with blogging, though, you do have o be patient in your approach and never expect an overnight success with a round of bog posts, it takes long hard work for your blog to become noticed against the sea of already brilliant bloggers out there and the spam bloggers too. It’s best to have a long term plan, know your audience well and know where to find them to bring them back to your blog .

You need to be positioning yourself as an expert and this means that you need to be the top person you can in that area of expertise, the top contender who diversifies his content and blog formats also has a chance at influencing change and more readership if they target their focused niche groups and also to experiment with monetization early on with your blogs, makes it clear you do want make money blogging.

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