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Search Engines may be complex, but they are very predictable. Learn how to create pages that enable your target market to find you, optimize your pages in just a few simply steps. It all starts with understanding how search engines find and index your webpages. Before we go in that direction let me first point out that this information is valuable to both hubpage.com content producers and web developers in general. Some or perhaps all of the information may be new to you, keeping this in mind I will try to make this information as easy to understand as possible. Your comments are really valuable to me; let me know if I was helpful!

How Your Webpages Are Indexed and Found

As I mentioned previously, it all starts with knowing how search engines find and index information. If the search engines don’t find your website or webpage, neither will the people you are trying to reach. Search Engines search the web with what is termed a bot, short for robot (a process referred to as spidering). The bot quickly scans your site and then indexes it to be recalled when someone asks for it (when someone enters a search query in a search engine like Yahoo! or Google). Once the search word or phrase is entered it is matched with indexed pages and results are shown.

Keep Your Titles Simple and Effective

The title of a webpage is perhaps the most important part of optimizing your webpage. There are a couple different reasons. First of all search engines place weight on the value of the page to a large degree by what it is named. Second, your target market is looking for the information that you are providing, if the title is relevant to their needs they will click on your link.

Make sure that your title pages accurately describe the content of the page and that you are not “stuffing” the title full of lots of extra keywords. There are a couple different reasons for this. Search engines may think that you are spamming and users may think that you are spamming too. Keep your titles on your website and your hub pages simple and effective.

Optimize Your Page Folder Names

When a website owner optimizes their site one of the things to consider is giving each folder and webpage a descriptive name separated by dashes. The folder names and page names are like more keywords describing what is found within the page. For hubpages.com producers this applies to the hub web address when you build your page. Please refer to the image for some more information about how this appears in a URL.


Tagging is Important, I Said Tagging is Important

Tags are descriptions of what is found on your page, they are matched with keywords and phrases that are entered by people searching for your information. Make sure to tag your pages they help people find your content just like titles do. Don’t use too many tags especially if they are not relevant to your content on your page, it isn’t a good practice to falsely tag your pages with inaccurate tags, it wastes peoples time and breed animosity towards you as a professional. An useful article written by hubpages about tagging is available to read if you’re interested.

Key Ingredients to Effective Descriptions

When you build a typical webpage you have the option of adding in Meta-Data in the <head> section of your page. The description is found right below your title in search results. There are many things that a search engine considers when it provides the description. One of the things to keep in mind is that the first couple hundred words on your page are really important; they give the searcher a view into what they will find on the page, if it isn’t appealing they are not going to click on your link…which isn’t a good thing for you! Provide accurate, descriptive, and enticing information that is full of keywords! It will help bump up your page views, honest! For hubpage.com users the template uses the first 183 (approximately) characters of your page. Reserve the first couple hundred characters for enticing descriptions!

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Your feedback is really valuable to me. Let me know if I have been helpful to you! Thanks.

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