Step 8: Market and Promote your blog

Complete blog marketing Guide

Blog Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.


You probably will never rank in any of the search engines without marketing and promotion. Getting a good ranking requires several factors and one of the single most important factors is time. Both the length of time your site has been online as well as the amount of time you put into it, decides how effective your strategies will be. Everyone is out there searching for the quickest way to get a good search ranking but the truth is that it takes time and perseverance. So building a foundation is critical in this process.

Marketing is about taking the time to do things the right way the first time. If you try taking shortcuts, you will only be limiting the effectiveness of your efforts over the long run as because the marketing takes time. Stick with a game plan and work on your site on a regular basis. I noticed most of the un-successful bloggers stop working on their blogs after only 1-2 months, or they start concentrating on other idea’s, which is not good for being successful in any niche or business.

Marketing your blog is not all that hard to do. You have to be persistent, and you have to always do what’s best for your blog. You cannot just write a post and forget about it. You have to continue updating your blog and marketing it so that it will become popular and one that everyone wants to read. There are many great ways to market your blog. Keep reading and discover the best techniques to be a smart blog marketer in the new era of bloggers .

What Are The Most Powerful Marketing Tactics Online Today?

Some are the same as when the blog first became a marketing channel well over a decade ago!

People bring or start a blog online and foolishly expect that every bit of traffic they get to their site will have something to do with technology. Like, somehow all the humanity is taken out of online communication and engagement and that it’s just algorithms and robots that control everything.

The truth is that people are simply using technology to discover and communicate. If you take the “people” part out of your marketing and just use weird tactics to get traffic that only involve you impressing a search engine robot with your content, product, or service, you end up on pages like this trying to figure out where you went wrong!

Hopefully this article will help you set on the right path. The #1 thing that popular blogs have always done to become very high traffic blogs in all categories is networking. Without exception, blogs at the top of their markets (the “biggest sites in a particular niche) practice good old-fashioned networking and leveraging of relationships to get what they want.

It seems odd to most people that (with all this technology the web is based upon) automation and robots and algorithms don’t rule the blog at the end of the day. People do.

Four Steps Ahead : Be A Winner


What You Need

When starting out to market your blog it isn’t really that hard to do, but it does take up most of your time, that’s why it is best to have all the tools to know to share your work on your blog, because when you write great article content then it will get shared all around the Internet by your readers and this is why you do need to set up your blog the right way, as getting readers to your blog is a nice thought, but if your blog is complete turd, then all the marketing won’t retain those visitors like you hoped  .

Techniques And Tools You Need  To Know For Blog Marketing





Marketing a blog comes naturally for some and can be a little harder to focus on for others. Another important thing that you will want to do for your blog is to be sure that you put some quality content on your blog (e.g: info graphics, articles, tips, videos etc)  on regular basis, so that your blog visitors will share your content on their own website’s and social media, doing this your website will start generating backlinks automatically. The more quality links the better in this case, but my recommendation is that it needs to be made naturally not buying a cheap $5-$20 gigs to built instant 5000 backlinks from forums, directories, blog comments available easily on most of the sites. STAY AWAY from all these Gigs or SEO Strategies.

Links can be thought of as the manifestation of a relationship in the real world. I link to you and you link to me because we know each other and recommend each others stuff. The links prove we have something in common and something to say about each other. The most important links on the web that are going to do the most good for you are the ones that send you direct, targeted traffic, boost your search engine rankings, and get people talking about your all over social media.

Those links are guarded. They cannot be gotten with software programs. They cannot happen via automation. The very best links online are like the gold in Fort Knox to web marketers. Rare, Priceless, Very difficult to get. (Unless you know how.) The very big hint is: Links that send a site skyrocketing in traffic and notoriety are the only links that matter. And the biggest, most popular sites focus solely on them and nothing else when they start up.

It is only when they get funding, make a ton of sales, or otherwise have the money to hire people, that they start doing the stuff we all take for granted is how they got where they are today. Read that again. It is VERY important .

In my future post I will guide you how to back-links properly and safe your blog from Google penguin penalty.

Read my Backlinks FAQ’s

Social Media Marketing

It is easy to get confused about where to start when there are endless articles and media attention creating hype about social media, especially where business is concerned. A lack of understanding of the various platforms, how they can be used for the benefit of your business and a general level of confusion created by a near endless number of platforms to be used. Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Foursquare, blogging, social bookmarking the number of social media tools and the ever expanding list of platforms being created today, results in a level of confusion that creates barriers to use.


Interviewing people and posting them on your blog is an excellent way to market it. Just be sure that the people that you interview pertain to the niche and subject of your blog. You want all of your posts to be relevant, including any interviews that you might do. For example, if your blog niche was model airplanes, and you did an interview with the owner of Hoover vacuum cleaner; that would definitely not pertain to your market .


If you hear any news on your niche, be sure that you post it. Everyone loves news, and even the readers of your blog will appreciate you blogging about current events in your chosen niche. Something to keep in mind when blogging about the news is the more current the news, the better. No one wants to reread old news, so it is a great idea to try and stay as current as possible when you are blogging about the news .


Contests are another great way to effectively market your blog. Having contests about various subjects is a lot of fun, and something that will keep your readers coming back. Everyone loves to win things, and you can also make the prize that you are giving away relevant to the market you are promoting on your blog. An ebook or some free advertising on your blog are great ideas for prizes .

Press Release

Press releases are also an excellent way to market your blog. Sending out a press release or having one made for you is a great idea. You will find that they are even affordable for most budgets, and some companies offer a package deal. For example, if you pay them to write your price release they may promote it half price for you. Who could resist such a deal? Especially when you are budgeting and trying to get the most band for your buck .


Comments on a blog are also a very important aspect of blog marketing. You will want to be sure that you always answer and acknowledge the comments that are made on your blog. When you show that you are an actual person that can hold a conversation, you are showing others that you are real and that you really and truly have the best intentions for your blog. Make sure that no comment goes unanswered. It makes people come back if they know that you care about they have to say .


Though this is very orthodox tools of marketing  but still its working and doing well. But amazing is still few seem to be using this powerful marketing tolls really well. Actually severe lack of marketing goal and strategy and also misguided expectations are the always the main roadblocks of email marketing success. Thats why you need to care and know properly about this marketing rifle before shoot .


Customize your blog with some essential features like  Google sitemap, Feed-burner, Social Shared, automatic trackback and ping functionality etc.

How to Apply

If you think got where it is today by doing the marketing it is doing today, you’re wrong. They are doing the marketing they can afford to do only AFTER they hit critical mass at the top of their market. What they did to GET there was entirely different .

That’s what bending tactics are all about. It’s what you cannot see that people are doing to launch “overnight” successes on the web. And the rest will have you chasing your tail forever trying to get popular doing what you see big sites doing AFTER they are already big. That’s NOT how to get big yourself. That’s what it looks like AFTER you’ve gotten big .

Steps To Becoming A Web-Bender


Its a perfect combination- No more , No less !

You have what you need. Lets bend it to-gather properly and balance –

  1. Networking: Go straight for the jugular in your market and get your links and your presence known to the biggest players in your niche. Do it now, and don’t fall for the “I have to put in years of work before they’ll talk to me” crap.
  2. Hot Spotting: Decide where you will stake your claim outside of your own domain and nail it. Use all the tools that Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other site gives you and become a big fish quickly. #1 comes into play here as well.
  3. Be interesting: No matter what they tell you, no one can make it online without having something truly interesting to tell or show people.
  4. Trust by association: You can get all kinds of people you might assume are too big to talk to you – to do just that. EVERY major success story online has some seriously big players as supporters who have helped launch them out of obscurity. Every single one.
  5. Isolate your hot spots: A problem most marketers complain about is focus. There’s simply too many places to focus on to drive traffic. The fact is, there are only 4 or 5 major places where your target market hangs out the most. Those are where you focus the bulk of your energy until you are established in each. Then you move on with a bigger budget and more help from assistants and staff .

 Take the Profit

Look, this is a business, just like any other. Here you are because of some profit and earnings.

Turning Customers Into Advocates

Blog For Profit


Ask Bill Gates how he made his fortune and he’ll tell you. I mean, flat out tell you. He won’t say, “Well, I’ll sell you that secret for $497.”

Why? Why are these guys willing to tell you everything they know and not charge you a dime for it ?

Because they see the long-term. The more you give people, they more they trust you. Sure, at first, they’re going to want to know what your motivation is, but give them quality every single time and they will begin to trust you. Why ?

Because everybody else is out for their own. No one else is willing to offer what you are, so they come back to you .

Because of my reputation for being a “giving” person, I’ve been given access to people’s servers. I’ve been given thousands of dollars worth of software. I’ve been introduced to people who can change things .

This isn’t me bragging. This is me telling you (whoever might be reading) that if you GIVE people what they want, they’ll make your money for you.

How’s that ?

There are four types of customers, each is a new level.

First are the new customers. These are people who have just discovered you. You usually get one chance to establish anything with them . Give them your best.

Second are regular purchasers. These are people who aren’t quite ready to trust you fully, but they will until you take advantage of them. Make them happy .

Third are loyal supporters. They really like you and will continue to buy from you and even recommend you once in a while to a friend. They’ll be your affiliate, but they want that commission.

This is where a lot of your gurus are at. We look at them and think they’ve found success, when in fact, they probably aren’t seeing the next step…

…which is advocates. These people market for you without expecting anything in return. They buy anything you sell and recommend that others do the same. Very few businesses ever reach this level, unfortunately. They’re just too concerned with making that quick buck to realize how much more they could have .

Internet business brought in over $30 billion last year ($7.4 billion in 2000). It’s only going up. So when somebody tells me they made a million dollars online, that’s just a drop in the bucket of what CAN be made, if someone is willing to take the time to grow their customers into advocates .

Make it Consistent

Value your customers and care the relation

Well, as you might guess just from the name, it has to do with relationships…and marketing.  Yeah, that’s really helpful for run you ling time in this competitive blog world .

Actually,  it has to do with establishing a relationship before the marketing – not after.

See, businesses for years have talked about “customer service” and, for the most part, they all pretty much suck at it – particularly in the service-oriented industries (how’s that for irony?) .

But these days, it’s about more than just “service after the sale.”  It’s about service before, during, and after the sale, and even after your customer is no longer your customer !

What’s that?  Service to someone who’s not even a customer?  Yep, you read that correctly .

You see, the traditional business model gives you a 5-20% chance of turning a prospect into a customer.  That same business model will give you a 20-40% chance of winning back a lost customer.

That means it’s easier (and cheaper) to win old customers back than it is to win new customer’s.

But that’s just using traditional business models.  What if you add that extra level of relationship marketing where you actually talk to your customers and treat them like human beings?  What if you tell them, “Look, I have the solution to your problem, and even though you may not be able to afford it, I’m going to help you out”?  What do you think will happen to your long-term bottom line ?

I can tell you what will happen – it will skyrocket .

But too many marketers – and Internet marketers are the worst – are so focused on that quick one-time transaction that puts “cash in my pocket” that they forget about the millions and billions of dollars spent annually on the Internet.  They forget (or ignore) the fact that most people who shop online make $75,000 annually or more and could obviously afford something a little more expensive than that $47 ebook.

I would even go so far as to say that for most marketers online, the “lifetime customer value” of each customer acquired barely pays the cost of acquisition .

And Finally – Going for it really means GOING FOR IT!

Success for blogging

Love it. Love your blog as it is your first love. Give attention like your first love. Getting it, keeping it, and capitalizing on it is the name of the game in internet marketing. One of the ways the pros do it is using the latest technology in hot spots where everyone is clued in and paying more attention than anywhere else.
Blog marketing is not hard to do. Just be sure that you follow all of the tried and true techniques that been proven to work and you wont go wrong. Just don’t give up and keep on marketing because it will pay off sooner or later. You might even be able to quit your job one of these days !
Be smart.  Be a Successful Marketer.

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    Great article. You reminded me what true writing is all about. After reading all the “How to” stuff before you actually start your blog your Brain is like focused on blogging for money, tag words for traffic…stuff like that. Thanks for bringing me back to basics and the important stuff!

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