Step 10: Repeat your blog making and blogging success

success-repeatRepeat your blog making and blogging success to get a sustainable income stream

That”s great .You have run a blog successfully and thinking whats next?

Simple – start the another one.

Here the questions come and you are hesitating – I can read your thoughts and tensions.

-Would I run it?

-Will my first blog neglected and hampered?

-Will it be worth my time?

And Lots of—

Of course, it’s up to you & you’re free to do whatever you want! But my suggestions, experience here is- No need to think anymore, just start it by repeating the same process that brings successes of your first blog.Its same.Racing the old road with the same competitors in same competition- SO why not?

With the advances in technology there has never been a better time to start another successful blog  on the internet that provides you with a  “shop” that never has to close. It will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to anyone that chooses to visit from around the world.

Here is an important lesson to remember

That whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past or lofty your aims and hopes may be.

Let me call your attention to a great power that is under your control it is a power that is greater than poverty/ greater than the lack of education/greater than all of your fears and superstitions combined. It is the power to take control of your own mind and to direct it towards whatever ends you may desire.

Benefits of more blogs :

There are plenty of reasons why you wanted to start with another successful blog. Lets see the core benefits in points-

  1. More Income Opportunities
  2. Traffic Benefits
  3. The potential for building a network.
  4. .SEO privileges
  5. Experience
  6. Better advertising solutions

How To Make More Successfully Blog:

It’s not something everyone is doing  well, but running a second or third blog next to primary blog after the success of first is easy.Because you know things clearly and you have the best thing to do it- Confidence.

Just follow the simple 5 steps below- its easy.

1.Follow your foot steps that already bring success for you. Repeat the whole process again.

2.Do it more perfectly – you know your mistakes from your first blog .Don’t repeat the mistakes.

3.Check the updated plugins and make it more actionable.

4.Plan your time and efforts, divide it acutely.

5.Start it and finish it and ready for to repeat it again for another blog.

When putting a plan together to work on line, deciding what motivates you and creating a compelling vision that moves you towards it, it can be a useful exercise to dedicate some time defining what success will look like for you.

What Topic or Topics can you talk about for hours again without getting bored? What do you think your natural talents are? What do your Daydreams consist of ? If you need to find your Niche again or just find yourself. Monetize your blog in ways you succeeded. I believe every one that is pursuing a career online should have a Blog, If for no other reason than to practice your sales letters and see what is working, Produce a few extra sales if the copy is good. This method is a lot cheaper than PPC. Not to mention Blogging is Fun and Educational, Maybe I am just a Freak but I love to Blog and wish I had more time to do it.

Thats why its not same as others who are running with multiple blogs- spending huge time and not earning anything.You are the one who knows how to plant and grow a tree and turn it to fruitful. Why you will wait for fruit every from a single tree – why not you will plant another tree?

Why not a garden?

A Blog Garden.

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