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search-indexingIf you have a new website it might be live and online, but it most likely isn’t indexed. Making sure that your website gets indexed is very important. If your website isn’t indexed by the search engines then it will be impossible for people to find you through a keyword or key phrase search.

Getting included in the search engines can take time, especially if you just wait for search engines to find you. By proactively submitting your website you can help speed up the process.

Determining if you are in a Search Engines index

Do a search for your website in Yahoo, Google and Bing by going to each of the URL’s below and typing in “” (without the parenthesis):

Bing Live Search
Google Search Engine
Yahoo Search Engine

If your website didn’t show up in any of your searches then it means that other people searching for a product, service, or information will not find you in the search engines either. Without getting in the search engine index the only way people can find you is if they know your address URL and manually type it into the address bar.

Submitting your website to search engines

There are a couple of ways to get indexed and each major search engine has their own system for inclusion. All three major search engines have free submission sites. There isn’t a guarantee that they will include you, but for the price (free) it sure is worth a try. Visit each of the following URL’s and manually submit your URL to be searched. The links are provided for your convenience.

Submit your site to MSN/Bing Live Search
Submit Your Site to Google
Submit Your Site to Yahoo

If you don’t have time or patience for the bots to come and parse your site and you have some extra money to spend there is an additional option. Yahoo will parse your site and re-parse it on a regular basis . You may have already seen this option when you submitted your website URL for free. On the same page there was an option for “Search Submit”. This option costs and therefore isn’t really preferable, however if you need to speed up your campaign this is something that you can consider.

Additional Site Submission Techniques

Search Engines are reliant on relevant websites to meet the needs of million, even billions of searches. In order to assist web developers and content creators to get their sites indexed they have given some additional tools, some of them are better than others. All two major search engines have their own unique “webmaster central” found by going to the following URL’s.

Go to Bing’s Webmaster Central
Go to Google’s Webmaster Central

By setting up an account with each of the search engines you have the ability to access some additional tools that will be helpful for visibility and usability for both your visitors and the visiting bots. The tools range from generating XML based site-maps to analytics that can be embedded to measure the access and usage of your site. You can also get information about errors that the bots may have encountered when they parsed your site. In each search engine the tools vary, learning about the tools that they have available can certainly be advantageous for you.

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