Simple writing tips to boost engagement

blog-writingStay focused while writing your posts

Use Focus Writer (it’s free) to ensure you stay focused and do your best work.

Don’t write another ‘me too’ post
Nobody wants to read another post that has been written a million times before. Instead, pick your own unique angle so you can add value. Your unique angle could be as basic as making something more up to date.

Keep your writing honest and authentic
You’ll only cause yourself problems if you don’t. When you’re open and transparent, your readers will love you for it.

Keep your post focused on the results you want your readers to achieve
Your content should always be about your reader. Most importantly it should be about the results that you’re trying to help them achieve.

Write shorter and snappier sentences
Try writing shorter sentences and see how your audience responds (bounce rate is a good indicator within your analytics). Usually people are put off reading big blocks of text.

Address scepticism head on
If there’s something you think your audience will be thinking while they read your content, it’s worth mentioning.

Nobody likes it when you avoid addressing the “elephant in the room”.

Make your blog post easier to read
If you want to make sure your posts are easier to read and that will make sure more people keep reading your content all the way to the end – Try using the Hemingway App (it’s free).

Backup your points with credible sources
Opinion is great and in some cases it’s the way that you’ve got to go, but where possible, always backup your points with data and credible sources.

Check your facts
We all make mistakes but its better if we don’t, so check your facts. It’s worth taking the extra time.

Create 25+ different titles for your post then ask your audience
This is what Upworthy do and whether you love them or hate them, they know how to get results. Some headlines will suck but there’ll be one headline that will really make the difference.

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