Start a wordpress blog

Start a wordpress blog


You haven’t started any blog yet? Where have you been all these blogging years? Surely you didn’t catch up with the online trend or may be you just started it online. My dear friend, you must have a blog in this new online economy of internet.

I started blogging as an experiment, the experiment turned into a hobby, and now its a passion. I have created lots of blogs, but I’m currently concentrating only on few of them.

When I first started my research on earning money online, All I would get is people trying to sell me some e-books, or some site, that would make me a millionaire.

So well I decided to make and start a WordPress blog, that includes all information free in order to help people find out how they can earn money online.

If you are new to internet and want to make money this is right time to start a wordpress blog. You may of heard of a lot of people over the internet who earn money online this way and it is possible for anyone to achieve.

There are a huge amount of advantages when it comes to WordPress blogging. If you are dedicated and focused on earning an income online, a blog is a great tool to achieve this.

Reasons Why People Blog

  • Having a WordPress blog you can start and build a great community and networking through social media and other networking tools that supports wordpress blogging platform
  • In a blog you can promote your business easily with different advertising platforms and  options and also brand your product by review blog posts.
  • You can connect and share your view and opinion with the same minded people and customers.
  • You can aware and explore your opinion and voice to the concerned visitors.
  • You can easily promote your idea.
  • You can improve your knowledge with updated news , topics and ideas of others  and more…………

Can You REALLY Make Money Blogging

The answer is definitely a yes. Then the following up question is “how much money can you make through blogging?” Well, that’s really depending on you – the blogger. You have to make the decision even before you get started blogging. Do you just want to blog for fun, or do you want to make a living while blog. To answer that question will make a totally difference to the motivation and attitude of blogger.

If you just want to have fun while making some extra cash, basically you can do whatever you want without much requirements. If you want to make full-time job money out of blogging, say $3500-$4000 per month, which means you need to squeeze at least $100-200 per day on average out of your niche blogs.

There are two ways to make that amount of money. One is to build an A-list blog which attracts thousands of visitors per day, while generating tons of page impressions to make those one hundred dollars. But it takes a rather longer time to build the content and authority wading through competition. Another approach is to build dozens of decent average sites which making only a couple of dollars per day. If on average your blogs make $1 per day, then you need build 100 such sites to reach the goal of $100 per day.

It’s definitely doable to build a site only earns one dollar per day, the issue with this approach is that too many blogs involved, and the management might come into the way of making money. If you can manage to grow your niche sites to earn $2 per day, then the number of sites can be significantly reduced by half . You can further grow your sites. You get the math.

The above is just an examples, but i saw some of bloggers making their living from running only 1-2 blogs. You can also make money for sure, but how much money you make is depends on your marketing skills and how you implement them and on the top your time and patience.

Start your own blog today and make money online –

The most successful bloggers (from a financial perspective) combine unique style with unique perspective. They are transparent and create a loyal following.

Of course you’ll also need decent writing skills in order to get paid to blog and you’ll need to learn how to set up a blog and drive traffic to your blog or blogs.

One thing that’s tricky is to remain transparent while still getting paid to post. Currently this problem is solved by having proper blog disclosure statements about the nature of product reviews on the blog. And most pay-to-post services require that you don’t do a favorable review about a product you aren’t actually favorable about – a nice idea, but pretty much unenforceable.

By having a blog you can generate cash from multiple income streams. Once your blog gets a lot of traffic you could even sell advertising space on your blog. You can apply for other programs that will earn you money such as Google Adsense, you could also display text link ads on your site, adbrite is a good example.

As you can see you can make money blogging as an affiliate or internet marketer. It can help generate income from multiple streams and enable you to invest in more tools to grow your business online. By monitoring your comments on your blog you can get a better understanding of what your buyers need. By getting people to subscribe to your blog you can also earn money as well.

Start a WordPress blog today and making money with blogs from next month is not easy as most wannabe bloggers expected. While it is possible to make money blogging, much hard work is needed to build and promote successful niche sites, and make decent money out of blogging. Bloggers have to make the decision and dedicate to their choice.

Learning how to start a blog is also important to finding out why you actually need to blog. Because the blog success depends on the main goal assigned to each.

Below are the five elements that you have to to observe. 

  1. Referral traffic
  2. Bounce Rate
  3. Conversion Rate
  4. Return of investment
  5. Top Pages


It is possible to make good money online by blogging and that’s already proved. I have been doing it for 6-7 years and if my income continues to grow as it has, I will eventually be making a decent living. I also write in some offline publications – these gigs are harder to find, harder to get, but pay A LOT more than online blog writing .

My Advice

  1. Arrange several different streams of blog income. Some of them may not be huge, but at least you are not going to go broke if the one and only source you have gets cut off. I have a few other sources of income that I have not put here and I am not going to kill myself if I lose any one of them.
  2. If you want to see how easy it is to make money from a blog – Set one up , make some money and start another by following the same process and see.  How to place ads in a WordPress template, how to generate traffic from social network sites – all the things you need to know to make a blog work. When you realize you have spent 2-3 hours a day, 7 days a week for three months and have made the income as you expected, then start another blog.
  3. Do step number 2 and use all the things you have learned from not making money to make money.
  4. Do not give anyone any money for anything except blog hosting space. Every thing else you need is available for free.
  5. Do not believe easily of what you read about start a wordpress blog and making money online. Always Research , Apply , Check result and Decide.


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