10 Topic Ideas for Starting a Blog That Makes You Money

blog-ideasIf you are short of topic ideas for starting a blog, given below are some of the most profitable options you can choose from.

#1. Travel
Demographic, interests, destinations, types of travelers – You can narrow your focus as much as possible while starting a travel blog. Definitely, you can’t be an expert on everything that the travel niche includes. But you can surely discover something that you are passionate about and possess expertise in. Apart from sharing your own travel stories or experiences, you can also plan to hire a couple of travel writers to contribute useful articles to your travel blog.

#2. Health &Wellness
Undoubtedly, health is one of the most profitable ideas that you can use to start a blog. Again you have plenty of good options, as the health niche has multiple sub-niches (Yoga, mental health, healthy eating, exercise, weight loss, pregnancy etc) that you can choose to focus on. In any case, people are always in search of health and wellness tips to improve their day-to-day lives. Continue reading