How to Optimize Your Site Images & Videos for SEO Benefits

Though website designers are not the right guys to optimize the textual content of a site for search engines, they can certainly optimize the images and videos for improving the SEO. In fact, if you use the key SEO tactics for optimizing the graphic elements of the website, you can attract more clients. So, if you design a website which has a lot of pictures and videos, you should remember to optimize them for increasing the overall search engine rankings of the website.

Given below are some key tips that you can use to do SEO for all the images and videos that a particular website contains. Try to incorporate these tactics into your website design for maximum benefits.

Choose the Best Quality Images (see why)

Good quality images do not only enhance the look of your website, they can also bring a number of SEO benefits. If a site uses great images, visitors will be compelled to stay on your site, which ultimately increases the time spent on a site. Many of the major search engines calculate the ‘time on site’ factor to find out whether a website really deserves a high search engine ranking.

In addition, if you website has images of superior quality, people would like to link to your website. This can ultimately generate a number of quality backlinks for your site, increasing the SEO rankings. Continue reading