How to Use & Interpret Advanced Search Operators to Assess SERP Competitivity

Use Google’s Advanced Search Operators to Assess Your Target Searches

This is part of a training module from SEO Ibiza ‘s basic SEO Training course designed to explain how to use Google’s advanced Search Operators to fairly accurately assess the level of SERP competitivity of a particular phrase or keyword prior to attempting to target it with a website or hub.

But even if you are not a webmaster or SEO, using these techniques can potentially save you wasting your time chasing keywords that are too difficult, and hopefully identify areas where you could establish a presence fairly easily.

The hub is also a response to Peter Hoggan’s well written but ultimately flawed hub of a similar name to this one, which shows a perfectly valid (although quite unusual example for special “Ibiza” reasons we’ll explain later on) as to why reliance on just one of the metrics might not always give a totally accurate picture, especially in extremely low (zero) competition searches.

But as in all SEO, decisions can rarely be made from one metric alone so this hub will explain how using all three operators combined gives a more definitive picture, and finally we will put our money where the mouth is and demonstrate the principle in action.

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Benefits of Making and Running Your Own Blog


Success definitely means different things for different people, and bloggers are no different than the masses when it comes to measuring success. But success is something we all want, and wanting your own blog to be successful is not something new. But being the proud owner of a successful blog is rarely achieved as there are numerous hurdles on the path of success for the average blogger. When in doubt, consult the experts! So let us begin our journey to a successful blog by exploring other successful blogs and learning valuable tips and tricks from these expert bloggers.

Some bloggers will consider a blog to be successful only if it is making cartloads of money. Other bloggers consider a blog to be successful if it has a huge fan following. Some others will consider a blog to be successful only if the blog owner is famous and is being mentioned in all the high profile social media networks and groups. Well if you ask me, I would consider a blog to be successful if it qualifies for each of the above criteria; nothing more and nothing less!  Benefits of Making and Running Your Own Blog. Continue reading