How to Make Your Blog Contest a Smash Hit

contestThere are so many goals that you can fulfill with blog contests. By running a blog contest, you can get more email subscribers. You can use these contests to increase readership and drive more traffic. You can run these competitions to speed up online sales. Though the idea of running a contest on your blog is quite tempting, it’s a challenging task as well.

Since I started blogging, I’ve been a part of multiple blog contests. I completely understand that running a successful blog contest requires a lot of planning, time and energy. It’s plenty of hard work!

What can you do to make your blog contest a ‘smash hit’?

Let’s find out.

Targets & ‘Numerical’ Goals
Every blog contest has a specific goal or objective. You may want to attract more traffic to your blog. You may plan to get more blog subscribers. You may also want to attract more social media fans. Or you may want to increase the level of engagement with the target audience.

While setting goals is important, what’s even more important is to have ‘clear and numerical goals’. For example, you may set a target of increasing the online sales by 25% or the number of email subscribers by 40%. Continue reading