23 Terms Every Blogger Should Know (Blog Terminology)

Blog_TerminalogyBefore I started blogging, I wasn’t aware of so many blog terms. However, I was never reluctant to expand my vocabulary. A couple of years back, I didn’t know what podcasting actually meant. I didn’t have any idea what’s an aggregator, in terms of blogging, was. As I continue to learn new blogging terms, my excitement grows to know the terminology even more.

Given below is a list of 23 most essential terms in blogging (in no particular order), which I think you too should be clear about. In case you’re already aware of these terms, you should consider this post as a refresher.

#1. Aggregator
It’s a type of tool or computer software that aggregates (or collects) specific types of information in one place. An aggregator puts together information from feeds so you can gather, read or display what you want. It’s also called a feed reader. Continue reading