8 Tips to Keep Top-of-Mind When You Start a Business Blog

Blog-For-BusinessWebsites with blogs receive more traffic and more inbound links. In addition, they get more pages indexed by search engines. If you run a business, regardless of its size, you do need to have a blog. Starting a blog can bring multiple benefits to your business. But how do actually start a business blog?

Given below are top 8 tips that you should keep on top of your mind when you want to start a business blog.

#1. Define Business Goals
First of all, you should define the business goals that you want to accomplish by starting a blog. As a business, you may want to use a blog for generating online leads. You may want to increase the sales of your products. You may use the blog for driving traffic to your company website. There can be other business goals as well. When you know the goals, you can let them influence your blog’s content. Continue reading

8 Ideas to Build a Healthy Blog Following

Blogs-FollowingTurning a first-time visitor into a repeat reader isn’t an easy task. And if you have the capability of compelling visitors to come back, you’ll never be far from building a huge blog following and leveraging that blog traffic to increase your revenue. In this post, I’m not going to talk about how to build plenty of blog traffic. Instead, I’ll focus on how to build a ‘healthy’ blog following (i.e. a community of loyal readers). It’s about building a blog that readers visit for the first time, fall in love with and keep coming back to over and over again. It’s about blogging the right way. Are you excited?

Given below are eight great pieces of advice or ideas that you can use to build a loyal community of followers for your blog.

#1. Think About the Welfare of Others
Blogging is about helping your readers learn. Every time, a reader visits your blog, they should learn something new. If you’re really serious about building a community of loyal followers, offer them useful guidance. Provide them with tools they can use to solve their everyday problems. If you’re concerned about your own blog’s welfare, start thinking about the welfare of your readers.

#2. Don’t Cast a Wide Net
If your target market is very wide, you won’t be able to achieve early success. To become successful with your blog, you need to narrow your focus. Identify a specific group of people that you can help. By focusing on a small niche, you’ll be able to increase the popularity of your blog over a short period of time, attract only quality traffic and get more conversions. However, you should also make sure that your chosen niche is not too small to make money from.

#3. Hire Professional Blog Writers
It actually depends on your budget. If you don’t have a shoestring budget, it’s always a good idea to move ahead and hire a couple of professional blog writers or industry influencers to write for your blog. There are two benefits. First, you get to feature a variety of top quality content on your blog. Second, you can also use your writers’ network to promote your content online. But, do you know how to hire blog writers?

#4. Sound Like a Real Person
Even if you have a business blog, you need to sound like a real person. Unless you’re a worldwide brand, people won’t like to interact. By showing the ‘real you’, however, you can compel people to interact and engage. It’s not a product that people are actually interested in. It’s the people behind that product that make an impact on the audience. Tell them who you are (without overdoing it).

#5. Be a Savvy Sharer
A savvy sharer is someone who’s genuinely interested in educating the target audience or the readers. To build a loyal blog following, you need to share everything that’s relevant and insightful regardless of the source of information. It’s never ever a good idea to only promote your own stuff and ignore other top quality information sources. Do you understand the kind of signal you send when you keep talking only about yourself? Being a savvy sharer is an excellent idea, as it can immediately build the trust you want to succeed.

#6. Start the Conversation, and Get Involved
When you share a new idea or something really unique, it gives rise to conversation. But it’s not enough to have a conversation started and watch it happen. You need to participate at this conversation ‘actively’. Treating responses with respect and responding to them makes readers feel important. It keeps them coming back. Even if you don’t reply to every comment, at least respond to those who put up a question or post a thoughtful response.

#7. Reach Out to Your Target Audience
Great content doesn’t build a blog following on its own. The target audience must be able to easily find the content you publish. Try to locate the audience that you want to address. Find out those social media platforms where your audience hangs out. Connect with them. At the same time, also be ready to check out new online platforms to find out whether it can work in your favor.

#8. Use the ‘Ask Strategy’ to Engage
Yes, I call it the ‘ask’ strategy. I strongly believe that if you keep asking, you’re sure to get it. You should ask your readers to comment. You should ask your Facebook fans to share your updates. You can ask your Twitter followers to tweet your update. Researches have proved that asking can quickly increase the level of engagement. So, keep asking!

Do you have a solid blog following? If you’ve, feel free to share your own tips and suggestions. If you don’t, let me know whether you liked these ideas.

How to Prevent Blogger Burnout: 3 Good Tips

Blogger-BurnoutAs bloggers our primary job is to keep our blog sites updated with fresh relevant content, keep our community engaged and manage a growing list of social media profiles. If we don’t look out after ourselves, all these never ending updates can quickly lead to blogger burnout.

However there are things you can do and tricks of the trade you can implement which will help to reign in the procrastination monster and beat him at his own game. Below are a few tips and ideas we’ve put together – on how best to keep blogger burnout from occurring now or in the future.

1. Schedule in Advance
One of the wonderful things that any blog owner can do is to schedule things in advance such as their blog posts, tweets and Facebook status updates via the features found in the respective platforms. If you’re a WordPress blogger, you have the ability to write posts and then schedule them in advance via the “Publish” feature in WordPress. You can set your blog posts to go LIVE next day, next week or whatever date into the future you choose. This is a handy dandy under-utilized attribute that many blog owners do not take advantage of but should. Continue reading