10 Post Types to Get More Blog Comments

blog-commentsDo you strive to get more comments? There’s little doubt that comments make a blog come alive. In fact, commenting is the backbone of blogging. Without having a few comments on each blog post, your blog looks dull and lifeless. More blog comments prove that more people are listening. From my blogging experience (writing for my own blog and guest posting for others), I’ve come to know that there are certain types of blog posts that generate the most number of comments. Do you know what they are?

Here are 10 types of blog posts that will increase the number of comments on your blog. Check out whether you’re writing these posts. Continue reading

20 Bonehead Blog Mistakes

When you will start a new blog you will surely face some problems & also do some blunder mistakes like No actual set aim in blogging, Picking wrong color, wrong Design, layout problem, etc .
To make money with blogging you should check these again and again and avoid these common mistakes. Earlier it was easy to become popular or to get traffic quickly. But now blogging is very growing section. So smart people will get traffic and exposure.
Check again and avoid these. Besides, you can make good amount of money from blogging.

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How to Prevent Blogger Burnout: 3 Good Tips

Blogger-BurnoutAs bloggers our primary job is to keep our blog sites updated with fresh relevant content, keep our community engaged and manage a growing list of social media profiles. If we don’t look out after ourselves, all these never ending updates can quickly lead to blogger burnout.

However there are things you can do and tricks of the trade you can implement which will help to reign in the procrastination monster and beat him at his own game. Below are a few tips and ideas we’ve put together – on how best to keep blogger burnout from occurring now or in the future.

1. Schedule in Advance
One of the wonderful things that any blog owner can do is to schedule things in advance such as their blog posts, tweets and Facebook status updates via the features found in the respective platforms. If you’re a WordPress blogger, you have the ability to write posts and then schedule them in advance via the “Publish” feature in WordPress. You can set your blog posts to go LIVE next day, next week or whatever date into the future you choose. This is a handy dandy under-utilized attribute that many blog owners do not take advantage of but should. Continue reading