Things You Need to Know Before Creating a Landing Page

landing_pageA good design and call-to-action content are the essential ingredients of a well optimized landing page. But why do you design your landing page in a specific way? What is the purpose of creating that landing page content? Well, you create a landing page to achieve some specific goals. It is designed to address some specific needs of your target audience. Therefore, it is vital for web designers to have an idea about what genuine needs the landing page is going to address.

It is the duty of the campaign manager to convey this essential information to designers so that they create the page having the genuine needs in mind. Before designing a landing page, you should be well informed so as to facilitate the creation of the page for maximum conversion.

Here are the things that you should know before starting to create a landing page which is optimized for a higher rate of conversion. Continue reading

How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Blog Designs

designBlog designs are created to effectively communicate with the target audience. The truth, however, is that not all the designs created by blog designers are ‘reactive’ or ‘responsive’. When your clients call you to design a blog , they are looking for a design which instantly catches the visitor’s attention and converts them quickly. That’s why you need to focus on the following key principles of blog design and effective approaches which can help you make sophisticated design decisions. To maximize conversion, you should know how to evaluate whether you have created a truly effective (reactive) blog design for your client.

Given below are some of the most important aspects you can focus on to ensure a highly effective design is delivered from your arsenal.

Does it Instantly Attract Users’ Attention?
Regardless of the type or purpose of a website, the focus is always placed on conveying a specific message to the target audience. But to convey that message, you first need to grab the attention of visitors. Your blog visitors will just spend a couple of seconds to decide whether they would stay or find another alternative. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure your design is as effective as to grab the user’s attention in a few seconds. Continue reading

Creating User Interface with Design Patterns Libraries

user-interfaceHave you ever been to a design pattern library? Well, there are multiple design pattern libraries on the internet for the design and development community to visit. A design pattern library helps designers find effective solutions to problems they may face while designing a website that enhances user experience. Most of the time, designers and developers are required to work under strict deadlines for completing specific projects. To complete a project within the given timeframe, availability of essential resources is vital. That’s exactly where the necessity of design pattern libraries comes in.

What is a Good Design?

When it comes to creating a powerful user interface, you need to understand what design can be termed as a ‘good design’. It is only when you get the complete idea of a good design that you’ll be able to create user interfaces that enhance the experience of users. A good website design is actually a design that has the potential to ‘attract’, ‘astonish’ and ‘convert’. Continue reading

Usability of WordPress Sites for Mobile browsing

 mobile-friendlyWordPress is one of the most popular blogging and website hosts on the internet. Millions of people use it every day to manage their web presence for personal or professional reasons. For example, it is often paired with web hosting solutions to create personalized blogs reflecting people’s interests on a daily basis.

Similarly, mobile browsing has become extremely popular in recent years due to the rise of compact devices that can access the internet such as smartphones and tablets. However, due to the limited screen sizes and resolutions of such devices, if they are used to visit sites that have not been optimized for mobile browsing, navigating through such sites can be a difficult and often times frustrating experience.

This article will discuss a number of plugins and addons that can be used to optimize the usability of WordPress sites for mobile browsing. Continue reading

How To Monetize Your Blog

Make-Money-BloggingThe Only Two Ways to Get Money Out of Your Blog

Yes, there are many different programs or methods for making money with your blog. Those are the tactics. But, if you really break it down, there are just three strategies for doing so: indirectly, directly, or marketing over time.

Each strategy is very different, so I will cover them in separate sections below.

Make Money from Your Blog Indirectly

With an indirect strategy, you are supplying some type of content, whether educational, informational, or purely for entertainment. You are not promoting a product or service (this is definitely not a sales letter of any type), and you are not sending anyone through an affiliate link or anything like that.
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Blogging for Cash


There are numerous sites now that will pay you to write blog posts. I have listed a few of the ones that I have either used or know of below. It is a relatively quick way to earn money, especially once you get the hang of it. If you enjoy writing, blogging and the world wide web, this just might be a new career, or at the very least, a way to make some extra cash.

Blogging for Cash

When you have your blog set up, it is a good idea to post quality content daily if possible to keep your readers interested and to attract new traffic. Once you have established a series of engaging posts, comprising an incredibly interesting new blog on the block, you will want to share all of this hard work with the world. This is where social networking comes in. Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social networking sites that will undoubtedly spread your blogging word. Be prepared to spend some time researching, reading, sharing, posting on other sites to potentially harvest some quality back-links and learning everything you can about new technologies that will improve the functionality of your blog. The more traffic you are getting the more that you can make blogging for cash. Continue reading

3 Unique Ways Reuse Old Articles to Triple Your Backlinks

Welcome to the Playing Field

After all this time that we’ve spent in SEO-related fields, we all have learned how important link-building is to SEO efforts. After all this time, we have all also discovered, no doubt, that one of the best ways to get an easy backlink is to submit an article to a high-quality and high-PR article directories like Hubpages, Guest Posts or Buzzle, an almost perfect situation.


The only problem with article writing, however, is that it’s so time consuming. For every article you write, you have to dedicate not only the time to write the article, but account creation at article directories, spinning of the article and submission to the myriad article directories you created accounts at. After that, that well-written article you put your time into just sits on your desktop or your article folder, gathering dust, useless for the rest of time.

It doesn’t have to be so! With a little bit of technology, you can bring that article back to life and get EVEN MORE backlinks out of it. If article is in text format, but could easily be turned into audio and video. The audio and video could then be submitted to podcast directories and video websites, many of which offer followed backlinks in their description or profile pages. Continue reading

5 Key SEO Tips to Enhance Your Blog Design

blogpost-seoIn order to build a potential online presence, blog designs should be created abiding by the key SEO guidelines. Blogs, which are not search engine friendly, will not achieve long-term success. In order to beat out the competition for ranking higher, web designers should always apply tips to make websites grab the attention of search engines.

If you are struggling to enhance your blog design for SEO, given below are some of the most useful tips you can consider.

#1. Externalize Scripts
While coding websites in JavaScript or CSS, designers should always remember to externalize the scripts. If scripts are included in the HTML document, it will cause the website to load slowly for the simple reason that search engines will have a hard time crawling the same.

The best idea is to place the scripts at the bottom of the page. This will help search engines easily crawl the website and load it faster. Continue reading

Three Points to Online Dominance

online_dominanceHow would you like to dominate the search engine results in your industry or niche? The key to success for your business is getting to page one on Google for the main keywords in your industry. The main keywords are the search terms that potential clients type into Google Search in order to find the product or service you are selling. This is easier said than done though and many Internet marketers spend top dollar to rank well in Google and other search engines. This article discusses three points that are the key to dominating search results. Your marketing arsenal is incomplete without these three strategies.

These three strategies are methods of writing ads such that they appear in three distinct areas of search engine results; local business results, natural search results and sponsored results. All three are important in order to obtain maximum exposure. Continue reading