20 Tips for Bloggers To Enhance Productivity

blog-ideasOnce you set the expectation level with your audience, your blog’s growth and reach depends on how much work you’re willing to put in. Now here’s where the best of us fail to make the cut. We all start out with great ideas, get our blogs going and then the slump occurs. We’ve taken a look at this malaise and have put together 20 tips – no, lifesavers – that you simply, absolutely need to save your blog and keep it growing.

Get The Right Add On Tools

#1. Automate Tweets: Use a clever tool such as Buffer to schedule your Tweet posting to Twitter at graduated intervals. By spreading your story, you can avoid flooding your followers with multiple simultaneous tweets.

#2. Feed reader: Use a good feed reader such as Netvibes to stay on top of the latest happenings within specific niches.

#3. Save Interesting Reads: Use InstaPaper to save interesting pages so you can read them later and focus on your schedule for now.

#4. Automate commenting: Commenting on blogs takes up a lot of time. Use easyComment to auto fill comment forms; you can maintain multiple profiles for different blog addresses or anchor texts as well. Continue reading