WordPress Blog hosting


Free Hosted Blog is becoming a trend nowadays. It is advisable for those who want to practice programming or who only need a small website. It can also be suitable for companies who only have a small budget or for those people who only want a space online to be used for personal purposes; however, for businesses out there who want a more professional looking home on the net, it is still best to go for a paid one.

Free Hosted Blog sometimes have banners and various unwanted ads on your website. You might be surprised that even the ads of your business rivals will be seen on your pages. This is something nobody wants if you want to create an impression online; particularly, if you want to protect the interest of your business.   Continue reading

Best WordPress Hosting


Finding the best wordpress hosting site for your blog can be complicated at the best of times.  With almost endless options and offers all asking for your hard earned cash it can be impossible for Joe Blogs (excuse the pun!) to sort the fact from the chaff. The best way to find that all elusive host is to take the process one step at a time.

While there are lot of blog hosts out there offering blog hosting or WordPress hosting, you need to be careful picking a good, reputable, and reliable one. Of course the hosting plan needs to be affordable, but the price sometimes is not the only factor you need to consider. It is the quality of service that counts if you want your site or blog to stay up and running without any downtime. Continue reading