How to Use WordPress For Standard Websites

WordPress-Setting-Up-tipsBuilding WordPress Websites

Although WordPress was actually built as a blogging platform, it is also a great starting point on which to build a website. The whole functionality is already in place and you can customise the look and feel to quite a large extent. Once you install WordPress it is all there waiting for you and you don’t have to build pages or code HTML (if you don’t want to).

There are a large number of themes available, both free and paid for, in fact thousands of them so that you can pick one that matches with your website theme and you can subsequently customise it further to suit your needs. The theme effectively sits on the WordPress platform and determines what it looks like in terms of design. One example of this is a website I set up about Cranberry Juice – I found a great theme but it referenced strawberries so I just changed it about a bit.

So the point is that WordPress websites are a great way to build a simple (or pretty complex) website. You can just click a button and you already have most of your website waiting for you, you pretty much just have to add your content. You can have as many pages to the site as you wish, you can have a blog type page that you can use for current news and information and you can have users leave comments on the site. Basically you can just build it like a normal website but without having to build it from scratch.

The other useful thing about WordPress websites is that you can get hold of plug-ins to add functionality to the site – so you can get an SEO plugin to have sure that your site is optimised for SEO, you can get a YouTube plugin to show video, and there is pretty much a plugin for anything you can think of. You can optimise your site for earnings by adding Google adsense ads as well as adding Amazon links and products.
Cheap Websites Using WordPress

So, if you are looking to earn some extra money from setting up some websites, then setting up WordPress sites in my mind is one of the quickest ways to do this (and one of the simplest). I currently own approximately 15 WordPress websites – some public information sites and some product optimised, that are currently (along with HubPages) earning me in excess of $150 a month with a target of $500 a month by the end of this year. If you get the right hosting then you can also have a lot of sites for very little in terms of cost.

One way to make more money is to keep your costs as low as possible and the way that I am doing this is to keep all of my WordPress hosting in one place and at one cost – so I can have as much unlimited WordPress hosting as I like for one monthly fee.

I did start off with individual WordPress hosting when I first started out, but at $3.95 a month I realised this could get expensive if I wanted to expand the number of websites I had. So I eventually found unlimited WordPress hosting at If you buy a Plus plan at $6.95 a month then you can host as many as you like under that plan. 

Check out for more info on their packages.