How to write a blog

write-a-blogExplaining how to write a blog has turned out to be a lot more complicated than I first anticipated.  Without knowing what your goals are for your blog I have to anticipate that your goals are similar to mine, which may be way off base.  So I plan on writing a series of articles that will point you in the right direction not matter what type of website you want to build.  This post will be a primer for how to write a blog and how to get started laying out your writing plans.

Before getting in to – how to write blog posts we should know the difference between article and blogsposts- Whether you are writing a blog or an article, both involve meaningful content, but is the content intended to be meaningful to you and about you, or for your reading audience in particular?

A blog and an article are two separate vehicles to frame content. An article involves more time to generate than a day’s posting of events into a personal blog. If you are an assigned writer, however, for a company or media source based blog, it obviously requires more time, effort and thought because there is focus involved in marketing a service or product. If you want to attract readership for a much longer time frame, then it’s beneficial to write an article about a person, place or thing (these represent your “products” essentially) and work on your own personal writing style which will essentially market your writing product. Continue reading

How to make a blog


Alright, alright already!! If that’s what you’re saying to yourself about blogging, then it’s your time. You’re finally ready to make your blog, and send your business into the stratosphere. You see Blogging isn’t just a cute little trend anymore. In fact, the web is basically turning into a blog medium. Take Twitter for example… Twitter is marketed as a way to Micro-Blog. Now micro-blogging is nothing more than telling people what you’re doing, and blogging is nothing more than telling people what you’re doing, what you’re up to, and what they should be doing.  This is how will make your blog and brand yourself as a network marketing professional. Of course there are dozens of reasons to blog, even if it’s just to supplement a static site, and keep your site in the search engines, and the public eye. 

But the important thing is that how to make a blog, and you do use it most effectively.

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