Internet Marketing Glossary


I am explaining about few of the glossary terms, which will be very important for newbies bloggers to understand about the basics internet, web or online marketing terms used on daily basis, I will cover them in more depth my in next articles.


An Aggregator is an online software application that retrieves content from the web via structured RSS feeds published by websites, podcasts, vlogs and other online content publishers. Use of an aggregator to consolidate information can be a huge time saver.


When a visitor to a website makes a decision that was intended by the marketer the visitor was “converted” . There are many kinds of conversions. Conversions could be a sale of a product, a subscription to a newsletter or any number of goals that were set for a website. To increase your conversion rates (conversions/total traffic) a website needs targeted traffic. Targeted traffic comes from effective online marketing campaign. Learn more about Internet Marketing. Or you can Learn more about setting up conversion goals with website analytics. Continue reading