Using Local (Map) Results to Your Advantage

local-listingsWhen your website appears in the local business results, you can benefit from a vast amount of traffic flowing to your website.

As a matter of fact, even the phone will literally be ringing off the hook since your phone number also appears in the local business results when someone types in your business name. This is the idea – you want customers to have easy access to your contact information and the way to accomplish this objective is through local business results.

Not only must you submit your listing to the local business results pages, but you also want to track that listing and adjust where necessary so that it remains current.

The three principal local business results which you need to connect your website to include:

  • Google — Google owns two-thirds of Internet traffic which makes Google the most important of these three
  • Yahoo — equally as important, but not quite as influential as Google
  • MSN/Bing — not quite as important as the first two but is likely to become a strong competitor in the future

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