How To Monetize Your Blog

Make-Money-BloggingThe Only Two Ways to Get Money Out of Your Blog

Yes, there are many different programs or methods for making money with your blog. Those are the tactics. But, if you really break it down, there are just three strategies for doing so: indirectly, directly, or marketing over time.

Each strategy is very different, so I will cover them in separate sections below.

Make Money from Your Blog Indirectly

With an indirect strategy, you are supplying some type of content, whether educational, informational, or purely for entertainment. You are not promoting a product or service (this is definitely not a sales letter of any type), and you are not sending anyone through an affiliate link or anything like that.
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5 Step checklist to start a blog

Money-Through-BloggingBlogging has its good, bad and ugly. It is only when you start a blog the right way and follow a well-planned strategy that you can expect to leave the competition behind and make your blogging efforts bear fruit.

Most of the beginners find the options quite overwhelming while planning to get started with a blog. Don’t worry. Given below is a five-step plan that you can use to create a perfect checklist to success

Know the Purpose

If you take blogging really seriously, you will never want to start a blog which is devoid of any purpose.

Through your blog, you may want to –

  • Entertain people
  • Establish your expertise
  • Build an online community
  • Generate leads or enquiries
  • Create awareness about a brand or product
  • Make money online

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10 Post Types to Get More Blog Comments

blog-commentsDo you strive to get more comments? There’s little doubt that comments make a blog come alive. In fact, commenting is the backbone of blogging. Without having a few comments on each blog post, your blog looks dull and lifeless. More blog comments prove that more people are listening. From my blogging experience (writing for my own blog and guest posting for others), I’ve come to know that there are certain types of blog posts that generate the most number of comments. Do you know what they are?

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