Learn How To Optimize Your Webpages

Search Engines may be complex, but they are very predictable. Learn how to create pages that enable your target market to find you, optimize your pages in just a few simply steps. It all starts with understanding how search engines find and index your webpages. Before we go in that direction let me first point out that this information is valuable to both hubpage.com content producers and web developers in general. Some or perhaps all of the information may be new to you, keeping this in mind I will try to make this information as easy to understand as possible. Your comments are really valuable to me; let me know if I was helpful!

How Your Webpages Are Indexed and Found

As I mentioned previously, it all starts with knowing how search engines find and index information. If the search engines don’t find your website or webpage, neither will the people you are trying to reach. Search Engines search the web with what is termed a bot, short for robot (a process referred to as spidering). The bot quickly scans your site and then indexes it to be recalled when someone asks for it (when someone enters a search query in a search engine like Yahoo! or Google). Once the search word or phrase is entered it is matched with indexed pages and results are shown.

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